1000heads: Commended!

A couple of months ago we entered a little creative awards ceremony known The Chip Shop Awards. Billed as ‘creativity with no limits‘, the categories include such prestigious titles as; ‘Best work any brand you haven’t a hope of winning’, ‘Best reject’ and ‘Best use of shocking copy’.

We must admit, while we entered pieces of work (some real, some not) into a fair few categories but it was our entry into the ‘Best use of plagiarism‘ that not only caused a certain amount of hoo-hah, but also earned us a cheeky nod from the judges.

The ‘original’ idea was to take last year’s plagiarism winner and re-enter it as our own. As it turned out, the judges loved it.

— Yes, the ‘award’ is an actual bottle of vinegar. Amazing —

Special thanks to 1000heads CEO, Mike Rowe,for coming up with the ‘original’ idea and of course, it wouldn’t be fair to accept this without a special nod to last year’s winner (and creator of the ad in the first place), Miss Ali Turner.

Ali, drop us a line or leave a comment – we’d love to send you some cake 🙂

Chocolate Chilli: The Video

Following on from yesterday’s Chocolate Chilli post, I thought I’d share this video that I created using images that I took with my Nokia N82 (set to ‘sequence mode’).

So this is me making chilli and blogging the recipe at the same time.


And if you’re wondering what the hell ‘sequence mode’ is, don’t worry,
I’ve blogged that too 🙂

Doing things in ‘sequence’ – the hidden Nokia feature

Have a great Easter folks!

MIR: Doing things in ‘Sequence’ – the hidden Nokia feature!

Last week I was fortunate enough to be invited along to take part in a new food-based event rather amusingly entitled: ‘Nom Nom Nom‘.

The brainchild of London Underground blogger, Annie Mole – Food 2.0 Nom Nom Nom (to give it its full title), was a LOT of fun.
I was there in two capacities. First as a representative of SpinVox (lead sponsors of the event), and second, as a competitor.

The event you see was the online/digital version if you will, of Masterchef.

As one half of GO TEAM SIX (the other half being my good friend Ribot, foodie, photographer and a mobile UI designer to boot), the challenge was twofold.

First to create three dishes (one of which had to be cold) for four people in just under two and a half hours. The second to create ‘output’ for the Nom Nom Nom blog pages.

Ribot and I, being the mobile geeks of the group, Qik’d and photographed EVERYTHING. I went armed with my trusty N95 8GB, my spare N95-1 (packing an 8GB Micro SD), and also my rather snazzy Nokia Tripod.


After reading a blog post by a fellow contestant – one Russell Davies – I had an idea for the day’s content. As well as Qikking left, right and centre and of course, snapping anything that moved I decided to set my N95-1 to SEQUENCE MODE.

What is this crazy mode of which I speak? Well, at first I had no idea. I even put a call out to try and find some software for my phone that would allow me to do this… One email conflab with Mr Davies later and it turns out that this mode is right there!
And what’s more – it’s been there the whole time!

sequence 1

I never knew it was there. I had to be told about it. That’s right. The first Mobile Geek of London didn’t know about sodding sequence mode!
(but it’s OK I did my research and not many other folk knew about it either)

Moving swiftly onward I popped my N95-1 into the tripod (as shown above), and set sequence mode to go off at 1 minute intervals…

sequence 2

sequence 3

Over the course of the afternoon, while Ribot and I put our chosen dishes together, my cheeky little handset took 154 different photos, and to what end?

Well, with the content that came out of it, I was able to create the following video:

Shot on a Nokia N95-1, standing on a Nokia Tripod and edited together using Windows Movie Maker, (who needs a Mac anyway?)

I know this ain’t ‘news’ per se. But it’s a feature I didn’t know about and it’s made me look at my N95 in a completely different light.

I thought I’d share it and show you just what’s possible.
The original N95 still manages to surprise even me.