Chocolate Chilli: The Video

Following on from yesterday’s Chocolate Chilli post, I thought I’d share this video that I created using images that I took with my Nokia N82 (set to ‘sequence mode’).

So this is me making chilli and blogging the recipe at the same time.


And if you’re wondering what the hell ‘sequence mode’ is, don’t worry,
I’ve blogged that too 🙂

Doing things in ‘sequence’ – the hidden Nokia feature

Have a great Easter folks!

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Author: James Whatley

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7 thoughts on “Chocolate Chilli: The Video”

  1. Lovely 🙂 I’m gonna try it this weekend.

    and, hey.. let’s work on those ergonomic issues. get a nicer chair until your back starts to really hurt, dear.

  2. really good work dude, loving the style of the video. I’m thinking it took a lot more editing than you will let on 😉 Tomorrow is chocolate chilli night at chez geekyouup.

  3. @La Chat Noir – Just do exactly the same thing, but take out the beef. Failing that, use some kind of vege-mince or something, I’m sure it’ll turn out fine.

    @Karla – Good shout. A new chair is on order as soon as I’ve sorted out my home office.

    @Rich – You know me too well 😉 (and let me know how it goes – you could blog it)

    😉 🙂

    Thanks guys

  4. Sir Whatley…lay your hands on some Mole sauce as sub for the chocolate…heck, I guess loosely speaking they’re the same thing…want me to mail you a jar?

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