The Voicemail

Stefan Constantinescu is a writer for the awesome mobile and real-world news site, Android Beat. Tab Dump, QZ, biology student who has a vast knowledge of all things mobile. He and I have known each other for a fair few years now and I believe we first met at Mobile World Congress back in 2008.

Anyway, since then we’ve bounced around together a few times and a couple of years back, thanks to a mutual friend, we decided to throw a podcast together.

It’s called: The Voicemail

The remit?

James Whatley and Stefan Constantinescu, get together every week for 30 minutes to talk about the mobile industry and anything else they might fancy.”

It’s that simple.

Our first episode went live at the beginning of June 2012 and, so far at least, it all seems to be going pretty well.

If you’re interested in an engaging weekly half hour mobile tech podcast, then why not subscribe via iTunes (or RSS) and give us a go.


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