Mobile Geeks of London

Established July 2007, Mobile Geeks of London was set up so like-minded mobile fanatics could get together and completely geek out.

Since then however, the group has grown to a global membership of over 700 with events being held not only in London, but also New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Fort Worth, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

The Mobile Geeks of…  has travelled.

As it says on the invitations:

It’s not about business development, nor is it, to an extent, just another networking event. It’s about genuine Mobile Geeks coming together and sharing an evening over beers, talking about the thing they love to geek over most…
Industry and non-industry folk, mixing it up.


Recently, we’ve moved MGoL from a Facebook Group page to a Facebook Fan page. With FB’s new features (and adjusted terms of service), it’s just much easier to manage this way but the process of moving from one to the other is not an easy one.

If you’ve made it this far, then why not check out the page right now. You never know where our next event will be…

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