The Tailor of Gotham City

Ever wondered where Batman’s villains get their outfits?

Spotted this yesterday and it’s just awesome. A chap over on deviantart *drew this on his holiday* after asking himself that very same question.

It’s a fantastic premise and a brilliant execution.

I’ve snapped a few of the images, but you must must must read the whole thing.

Amazing work.



Good QR code usage shocker!

Last night, while wondering the streets of Soho, I passed this colourful boarding on Lexington St –

Genuinely good use of QR code shocker

No other branding or logos exist on the boarding, just multiple shades/shapes of green and of course, the fish. However, instead of eyes, the fish have QR codes!


Give them a quick scan aaaaaaand… what?

It took me to a [mobile optimised] webpage for Yoobi Soho, a new sushi bar coming soon.

 However, the cool thing wasthat not only rewarded my curiosity with an invitation to the free opening party of the establishment in question, but also the offer of a free sushi roll at any time during the first week of said opening.

Why is this cool?

  1. Key sentence from the above: no other branding or logos exist on the boarding. QR codes, by their very nature (and if used correctly) are esoteric and alluring. By NOT putting anything else up on the screens, I’m intrigued.. I’m enticed to GO THROUGH THE DOOR as it were, of the QR code. What is it? What’s it hiding? What happens when I click?

  2. The rewarding of curiosity. The celebration of your captivation. The entertainment given from exploration. This is QR done right and this is QR done WELL. Better yet, it’s building advocacy.


Well done Yoobi, I salute you.


1000heads: Commended!

A couple of months ago we entered a little creative awards ceremony known The Chip Shop Awards. Billed as ‘creativity with no limits‘, the categories include such prestigious titles as; ‘Best work any brand you haven’t a hope of winning’, ‘Best reject’ and ‘Best use of shocking copy’.

We must admit, while we entered pieces of work (some real, some not) into a fair few categories but it was our entry into the ‘Best use of plagiarism‘ that not only caused a certain amount of hoo-hah, but also earned us a cheeky nod from the judges.

The ‘original’ idea was to take last year’s plagiarism winner and re-enter it as our own. As it turned out, the judges loved it.

— Yes, the ‘award’ is an actual bottle of vinegar. Amazing —

Special thanks to 1000heads CEO, Mike Rowe,for coming up with the ‘original’ idea and of course, it wouldn’t be fair to accept this without a special nod to last year’s winner (and creator of the ad in the first place), Miss Ali Turner.

Ali, drop us a line or leave a comment – we’d love to send you some cake 🙂