Since 2011, I’ve had an on/off project called Five things on Friday.

What started out as a weekly exercise in writing has grown and matured into a newsletter publication for around 2000ish readers and features most of what I’m passionate about and interested in.

So, if you’re looking for the very latest on what I’m noodling on, your best bet is to start looking over the past issues of Five things on Friday – all being well, that stuff will be bang up to date*.

So yes, thanks for visiting. If you’re looking to speak to me quickly, then you can nearly always find me on Linkedin and add/message me there.

If not, then maybe I’ll see you on the subscriber list of the newsletter sometime.



*I write when I can/want and, truth be told, since Lockdown 2020 I’ve not had that much spare time (instead, spending my waking not-work hours with the family). So the newsletter is on substack, it’s fairly occasional and if you subscribe, you’ll get an edition eventually. Promise.