Over the past few years I’ve been invited to speak on various topics ranging from innovations in mobile technology through to the advent of social media and beyond. Word of mouth marketing has oft been a recurring theme as has general debate around the future of digital and how it effects the world of marketing and advertising.

I have also been extremely fortunate to have presented at events all over the world; from Australia, Croatia and Lebanon overseas, to Manchester, Exeter and London here at home; it’s all been fantastic.

This page is both for getting in touch for speaking at an event in the future and also, keeping a record of all to date.

Events History –

——— 2017 ———

Can we really trust technology?, May 2017
One Question, London, UK

——— 2016 ———

Digital & Social Trends 16/17, December 2016
FutureBook16, London, UK [write up]

Bots by Ogilvy, December 2016
Social@Ogilvy Global Webinar, London, UK [slides]

What’s the difference between Content vs Context? November 2016
DigiDay: WTF is Content Marketing?, London, UK [write up]

Digital & Social Trends 16/17, October 2016
Digital Media Forum, Cairo, Egypt

What Now?! Massive Myths of Digital Content, October 2016
Marketing Society – Digital Day 2016, Edinburgh, UK [commentary]

Digital Trends for 2016, February 2016
AM Digital Marketing Conference, Coventry, UK [slides + feedback]

Digital Trends for 2016, January 2016
The Drum‘s Predictions Breakfast, London, UK [slides + write up]

——— 2015 ———

A Series of Provocative Statements, September 2015
Social Media Week, London, UK [slides + video + full write up]

Seriously, What Now? May 2015
Digital Shoreditch, London, UK [video]

The SXSW Report, April 2015
Ogilvy & Mather, London, UK [slides]

——— 2014 ———

Twitter Card Masterclass, September 2014
Social Media Week, London, UK [slides + feedback]

Twitter Card Masterclass, September 2014
Measurement.ie, Dublin, Ireland [feedback]

What(ley) about Social Media, April 2014
FanFara 2014, Ljubljana, Slovenia [photos]

Trends, Tools & Platforms, March 2014
Social Media World Forum, London, UK

Social Media Predictions, January 2014
The Social Media Show, Episode 49 [download]

——— 2013 ———

How People Interact with Mobile Technology, November 2013
Like Minds London, The Digital Marketing Show, UK [interview + write up]

Twitter + Profitability, November 2013
The Today Programme, BBC Radio 4 [iPlayer link]

17 Social Media Things You Should Definitely Know, August 2013
Social Media Breakfast, Ogilvy & Mather London, UK [slides]

The world’s first Vine surgery, April 2013
Iain Lee, BBC Three Counties Radio, UK (background)

Social Media Strategy in Six Minutes, April 2013
#TLL6x6, London, UK [slides]

FMCG and Social Media, March 2013
The Social Media Show (Radio Production)

The Rise of the Social Enterprise, March 2013
Social Media World Forum (Panel Discussion), London, UK [write up]

Graph Search and the Impact on Social SEO, March 2013
Forward3D Facebook Graph Search event (Panel Discussion), London, UK [photos]

Social Media Predictions, January 2013
Social Success Mic Up, London, UK [video + write up]

Social TV, really? January 2013
Social TV Conference, London, UK [slides]

——— 2012 ———

Innovation on The High Street, June 2012
In The Theme Park, London, UK [slides + write up]

Word of Marketing and Marketing Communications, March 2012
SOF, Portorož, Slovenia [image]

Why do Brands use Facebook? January 2012
PR Moment, London, UK [slides + write up]

——— 2011 ———

Digital Trends Moving Into 2012, December 2011
APA Digital Breakfast, London UK [slides]

The Top Five Word of Mouth Moments of 2011,October 2011
Like Minds, Exeter, UK [video + live blog]

What is Word of Mouth Marketing and Why Should You Care? September 2011
Weekend Media Festival, Rovinj, Croatia [video]

When Nokia Engages with the Audience, September 2011
Social Media Week Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon [image gallery]

Inspiring New Forms of Creative Expression Through Mobile Devices, May 2011
The Mobile User Experience Conference, London, UK [video + slides]

Mythbusting – The Reality of Working in Social Media, February 2011
Social Media Week London, London, UK [video]

——— 2010 ———

Word of Mouth: Why I own a Nokia N8, October 2010
Social Media in a Corporate Context, Manchester, UK [slides]

WOM: Six of the Best, February 2010
WOMMA UK Espresso Briefing, London UK [slides]

Demystifying Online Engagement, January 2010
NMA Live, London, UK [slides]

——— 2009 ———

The Future of Social Media, December 2009
Simply Zesty Winter Camp, Dublin, Ireland [video + slides]

The Life & Times of a Corporate Social Media Monkey, April 2009
Social Media Camp, London UK [slides + images]

Extending Customer Service Through Twitter, March 2009
Everything About Twitter Day, London, UK [slides + write up]

——— 2008 ———

The Future of Voice, December 2008
Next Generation Web, London, UK

Compère + 1 of 6×6 Blogger Perspectives, November 2008
Future of Mobile Conference, London, UK [video + write up]

Blogging through SpinVox, October 2008
Voicedays, Wiesbaden, Germany [slides]

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