Hello, I’m James Whatley. Strategy Partner @DigitasUK. Co-founder @TheDICECharter. Hugger of people and ideas. I got love for writing, gaming, and figuring stuff out.

My pronouns are He/Him.

This website has been my occasional blog since around 2006 but these days it acts mainly as a redirect for my newsletter project, Five things on Friday.

You can find me as Whatleydude pretty much everywhere online but if you want my socials, you can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Oh, and if you ever want to actually say hello properly, then you can do that by sending an email to
hello @ whatleydude dot com

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

PS. Standard website rules apply. Any thoughts, and opinions published online, anywhere, are my own, and have never (and will never) reflect those of my employer(s) and/or clients past, present, or future.

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