1000heads: 3CT #3

In keeping with our series of posts, here are the three coolest things we presented at #3CT recently –
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First up, our resident Kiwi and HR person, Lucy Armstrong, wanted to share this awesome piece of Rugby World Cup inspired Lego-based wonderment –

When we asked ‘Why is this cool?’ to the rest of the office, the simple answer was ‘BECAUSE IT IS LEGO!’
However, one thing that did come out of this was the amount of time and effort that goes into some of these cool things. The above stop-motion video leads quite nicely into another high-effort delivery, aka: cool thing number two

Regular readers will know that we like our big Follow Fridays here at 1000heads and last Friday was no exception. The Nokia community team were in the office helping to create the above #FF message out of post-it notes. @My_E72 was over the moon with our message and well, we thought it was pretty damn cool too.

Our third and final cool thing came from one Joel Diamond. Joel had managed to locate what is being labelled as an ‘Audio-Haptic Navigation Environment.’

Not sure what we mean? Take a look –

Using a specially-designed glove, alongside a slightly tweaked version of the Xbox Kinect sensor, the SOPI research group created the above experiment.

I wonder how long it’ll be until we see gigs performed in this way?

Let’s start bets at three months…

Place your bets please…

While digging around in the archives earlier this evening, I found this old footage of an aborted vlomo from last year. I remember filming it at the time and feeling unsure if I had the takes I needed to edit together the idea that I wanted, which is why I don’t think I got ’round to publishing anything it all. Perfectionist that I am.

So tonight I thought I’d try again with eyes that were a year older and ears a year wiser and it turns out, I had what I needed after all; inspired by BANZAI! I give you:

Big friendly hat tips to Dom and Joel for being such great sports. Sorry it took me so long to make you internet famous guys…