1000heads: 3CT #6

This week’s three cool things are a mixture of –

  • This is cool in a life-saving way
  • This is cool in a really quite strange (but frankly, hilarious) way and finally
  • This is cool but actually probably really isn’t

Shall we dive in?

First up, this video from Heineken that Rob posted on the 1000heads Socialcast just over a week ago –

The comments were as follows

“Why QR codes?”
“How is this on brand?”
“Couldn’t any brand do this?”

It sparked a whole other post about engagement currency too.

What do you think?
Cool, or not?
Technology for technology’s sake perhaps?

Next, this one from Miss Jaqui Hill, is BELIEVE IT OR NOT, nail varnish – for men.

We’re filing this under WHAT NOW?


And if that’s not enough, here’s a handy ‘how to’ video, for those of you who are still slightly unsure about this entire concept –

Finally, and this is by far and away our favourite entry from last week, the British Heart Foundation have recruited Vinnie Jones for this tongue in cheek but potentially life saving PSA video –

To the beat of Stayin’ Alive? Perfect. Hat tip to Ryan for finding that one…

Good job British Heart Foundation, we salute you.

1000heads: 3CT #3

In keeping with our series of posts, here are the three coolest things we presented at #3CT recently –
[post history]

First up, our resident Kiwi and HR person, Lucy Armstrong, wanted to share this awesome piece of Rugby World Cup inspired Lego-based wonderment –

When we asked ‘Why is this cool?’ to the rest of the office, the simple answer was ‘BECAUSE IT IS LEGO!’
However, one thing that did come out of this was the amount of time and effort that goes into some of these cool things. The above stop-motion video leads quite nicely into another high-effort delivery, aka: cool thing number two

Regular readers will know that we like our big Follow Fridays here at 1000heads and last Friday was no exception. The Nokia community team were in the office helping to create the above #FF message out of post-it notes. @My_E72 was over the moon with our message and well, we thought it was pretty damn cool too.

Our third and final cool thing came from one Joel Diamond. Joel had managed to locate what is being labelled as an ‘Audio-Haptic Navigation Environment.’

Not sure what we mean? Take a look –

Using a specially-designed glove, alongside a slightly tweaked version of the Xbox Kinect sensor, the SOPI research group created the above experiment.

I wonder how long it’ll be until we see gigs performed in this way?

Let’s start bets at three months…

1000heads: 3CT #1

aka ‘Three Cool Things’

We’ve been running the above event at the ‘heads now for the best part of 18 months. If you follow @1000heads on Twitter, you may have even spotted us mentioning it in the past.

Up until this point however, unless you’ve been in or around our office at 5pm on a Friday, you wouldn’t ever know what actually we get up to.

It’s time for that to change.

#3CT, as it is known internally, is our way of shutting the laptops, sitting down together and sharing the three coolest things we’ve seen that week. From now on, every Monday* we’ll be sharing (where possible**) those things from the week before with you too – hopefully kick-starting your morning and your week with some awesome creativity.

Sometimes it’s our own work, sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes it’s new stuff, sometimes it’s old. Sometimes it has no relevance to word of mouth whatsoever but has simply sparked ideas in our ‘heads.

Welcome to #3CT.

First up, Hatim Zakout wanted to show us this awesome video from Cadbury, showing off their augmented reality partnership with Blippar.

Working in-line with their 2012 Olympics-based Spots v Stripes campaign, the AR in this video is cool for a whole ton of reasons. But why we like it is that it takes an everyday object that you wouldn’t normally look twice at (the chocolate bar) and turns it into a campaign-focused augmented reality game.

Very cool.

Second, Emma Parsons took the company through the great work currently being demonstrated by the Bulmers ‘Experimenters Wanted‘ campaign.

A cursory glance at the Bulmers homepage right now will show you an abundance of different executions all trying to encourage experimentation, with rewards available for the brave-hearted. All of this in the name of their new drink, ‘No.17’.

Why is this cool? Well (and there was some discussion around this), some ‘heads thought that it tried to do too much - however, others felt that doing all of these different ideas lived up to the exact principles that the campaign is trying to endorse; be different, try something new. Good work Bulmers, definitely cool.

Finally, for our third cool thing, Michael Quinn wanted to talk to us about KLM and their recent ‘Tile Yourself‘ campaign. We’ve talked about KLM before here at 1000heads, and their work is constantly referred to as some of the best in the business. ‘Tile Yourself’ is awesome also.

The above is merely the launch video. To watch the whole ‘this is what we did’, you have to head over to the Facebook application page which is still live. On Friday we talked about how while this is a huge idea, it is also uniquely KLM. The Delft blue portrait element just works for the brand, perfectly.

Also, picking up on the case study video, there is a danger in digital/social media marketing that when creating campaigns (especially on Facebook) of ‘the legacy problem’ – what to do with an app/page/group (delete where appropriate) when the work is done.

KLM have countered that by simply leaving the app URL active and have made it the only place where one can see the case study video of what they did.

A great lesson in social media marketing best practice.

That’s it for #3CT for this week, thanks for stopping by.


*Yes, I know it’s Tuesday. But rules are there to be broken, right?
**Sometimes we’ll share new (top secret) facts and (NDA’d) figures, or the latest cut of a soon-to-be-released video/case study. Obviously we can’t share these but, when this happens, we’ll always try and find a replacement.