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The Caribbean - Sep 13th

Molekskine entry: September 12th, 2009

Second entry today. We’ve arrived in St Maarten and I am happy. The reason?  Yesterday I verbally accepted a role at 1000heads.

This is pretty big.

You see I left SpinVox with the full intention of going freelance for a while. Maybe start my own business etc… And so when I initially approached Mike Davison (MD @ 1000heads), it was about how I could help them out on a one, maybe two day a week basis.

However, upon meeting him – for the first time I might add – I knew it could lead to good things.

My decision making process is often quite intense and I never, ever do anything unless I am 100% certain it is the right thing to do. Yes, I take risks. Everyone does. But they are calculated ones and every possible outcome is noted and accounted for. Suddenly I remember I was chess champion at school. Makes sense.

I digress.

I met Mike after the Wyoming leg of the Lucozade Energy Challenges but before the Alps (challenges two and three respectively). In the time between those trips I had planned to try and work exactly what it was that I wanted to do. This of course didn’t happen and if anything my choices were muddied yet again. I blamed Mike for this. Entirely.

I thought. I worked for a bit and then I thought some more. All the while trying to work out where I should go next.

I met with Mike again.

As before, he and I spent most of the time talking about our mutual visions and beliefs on branding, community, word of mouth and crucially our respective futures. I told him I was still trying to work things out and also that he had made things much harder.

Mike was great. “Go. Enjoy the Alps.” he said. “Speak on your return.”

I went. I came back. I knew.

1000heads was the way ahead.

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Author: James Whatley

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4 thoughts on “1000heads in my Moleskine”

  1. Having read this, I find I’m envious that you’ve been so adept at finding your calling. You should definitely feel a sense of pride at not only finding what you like to do, but also at being very good at it. Congrats James.

    whatleydude Reply:

    Thanks chap. Us Brits aren’t very good at owning up to being good at things, so it’s appreciated when someone else notices (and subsequently comments). Cheers.

    Craik Reply:

    I thought this was “being British” – http://imaweird.tumblr.com/post/987678773/bein-british


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