Fixing your Flickr photostream

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If, like me, you’re a Flickr photo nazi, then you’re probably one of those people who goes nuts when images or videos aren’t tagged correctly or you get minor headaches when certain uploads aren’t placed in the right sets etc. Right?

One bugbear of mine (that I’ve recently solved the problem of), is that of my photos being out of order within my Flickr photostream.

Simply put; Flickr keeps users’ streams in order of DATE UPLOADED not DATE TAKEN. This can be annoying at best and at worse, quite possibly the most frustrating thing in THE ENTIRE WORLD.

To put this into context, a couple of weeks ago my girlfriend and I went to the rather awesome Big Chill festival. We took a multitude of imaging equipment (admittedly, mainly phones), and between us we must’ve shot about 2-300 photos.

If, when we got back home, we uploaded these to the same account one after the other, then that is exactly how they would appear. One set, after the other. But what if I don’t want them like that? What if I want them ALL in chronological order?!

Question – “How do you change the chronology of your Flickr photostream?”

Answer – You use h4ppier photos

With this handy app you can go back and change ALL of your photos date by using one handy little button.

To get to this point, first select ‘Very h4ppy’ at the top of the page, then put in your upload dates and then hit the search button. Once h4ppier photos has found the images it’s looking for, this button (amongst many others) will present itself.

Yes you need to let the app to access your Flickr account. Yes it can be dangerous. But I’m telling you; this is by far and away my favourite 3rd party Flickr app, ever.

Use it. Today.




At this point I kind of feel obliged to point out that Flickr isn’t all bad. In fact, most of the time, I absolutely LOVE Flickr. When they introduced some new UI changes recently it was quite possibly the coolest… oh wait, hang on – just watch this –

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6 thoughts on “Fixing your Flickr photostream”

  1. James – h4ppier photos doesnt have that little button anymore… or if it does it is hiding from me…

    whatleydude Reply:

    OK. Start over. Did you click the ‘very h4ppy’ option at the top of the page?

  2. Thanks for this post. I for the life of me don’t “get” the whole photostream concept. I’ve asked many people what is the point of the photostream and no one has a good explanation. It’s the one thing about Flickr that has always annoyed me. I think there was even a time when Flickr didn’t have sets as they exist today so all you had was the photostream. It was and still remains one of the oddball ways to organize and present photos – with a default ordering that makes less sense.

  3. I needed to do this tonight after uploading 1000+ pics from iPhoto albums from the last few years on Kate’s computer, all uploading in random order. Total mess. Would’ve made me a bit sad and cross if I hadn’t remembered reading this post 2 years ago. (almost exactly 2 years ago)
    Googled it. Fixing it now. Amazing. THANK YOU! 🙂

    James Reply:

    Yay! 🙂

    H4ppy to be of service.

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