Koh Samui – Day 9: Food Glorious Food!

Good afternoon all..

So – Day nine of the trip. Day two of eating again.

The last night was to take it easy – one step at a time – no crap and no over doing it..

So I get to the table and I order myself this mango and cinnamon softie thing… oh it was gorgeous.. and that was that. Then ZenJen ordered these Tofu and raw salad Burritos.. which I was drooling over.. and what d’ya know? ZJ couldn’t eat them both. So I had one.. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… lovely.
So that was cool.. so then Sheli joined us and she fancied a softie like the one I’d just had.. so she got one.. and got me one too.

Taste explosion!

Its like I’ve never eaten before! Everything tastes so new and so fresh. I’m loving it.. Had a large steamed veggie platter for breakfast/lunch today.. that was well nice. Thinkin ‘about eatin’ some more soon.. my body’s craving it!

I’ll hush now.. don’t wanna go puttin’ all that weight back on!

I’m a bit bored today – ZJ went to Ko Phang Yang this morning, (happy travelling Jen – dont get too wasted!), I havent seen Sheli yet, JenJen’s gone to Tescos and Steve’s gone to get his blood tested (dont ask). So I dunno what I’m gonna do really.. might go introduce myself to some of the new folk that have turned up recently..

I’m thinking about going up to Bophut tomorrow – its closer to the airport y’see and I could stay there the night before I fly and maybe save myself some cash.. I dunno. Will talk it over with a few peeps. See what they think. I’ll let you know I guess.. plus there’s a really nice restaurant there that Kim was telling me about called (Martin – if you’re reading this – you’ll love it.. I know it).. called – “The Love Kitchen”. Brilliant. I HAVE to go there! HAHAHAAHAH..

So we’ll see.

Its Friday today. One more full day to go and the long journey home begins.

Keep smiling folks and I’ll catch up with you all real soon!


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