Hello folks,

New readers and old.
The blogging has begun (somewhat in earnest) again.
Today is Monday.
The time is 13:26.

I’ve had a weekend busy doing nothing.

Back to work today and I’m looking around thinking:
“I really want to be in bed…”

But never mind – gotta work, gotta pay those bills.. not forgetting the fact that I love my job of course.. Heeh – makes getting up in the mornings oh so much easier.

Made this thing the other day – check it out – anyone who’s followed this blog from the beginning will remember that it started out as a ‘detox diary’ – well, I’ve taken some of the best bits of that blog and compressed them down into my own mini-blog for consumption on your mobile phone!

ANYONE interested in trying this out for me (anyone folks – this should work on whatever phone you have in whatever country) should direct their handset’s WAP browser to:


The thing’s called ’10 Days in Thailand’ – I’ve put it on mine and it doesn’t look too bad.
All feedback welcome folks!

In the meantime – take it easy.
Blogging to improve on the whole very soon.

It’s good to be back.


Liver Flush Drinks: A Guide

Morning all –

A quick blog for ya – I’ll update real soon I promise – been UBER busy!

Anywhoo – as you those of you who have just seen my new profile will have noticed…
I’ve just discovered the wonder that is YouTube!

So.. I’ve been posting vids left right and centre – lol

Now – remember my trip to Thailand?
Well – I had to pre-cleanse for two weeks leading up to it…
and THEN, on top of that!
I had to drink these things called “Liver Flush Drinks”.

They ming. Like Ming The Merciless.

In case you ever want to try it – here’s a quick guide:

Liver Flush – Part 1

Liver Flush – Part 2

Liver Flush – Part 3

Liver Flush – Part 4

Please bear in mind that this was filmed way back at the end of April.

Back when I had hair.

…and a beard.

And an extra 28lbs or so!
So yeah – I look slightly different these days!



….more to come soon.

PS – I’m in the final stretch of my notice period of my current job.
I’m finding it REALLY difficult to care about my work..
Hence me posting this when I should really be busy doing something else eh?


..’til next time true believers.

Home at last

Morning all!

Its 726am and I’m back in the UK. I actually got back around 12hrs ago but I was so shattered that I didnt have time to update.. (sorry true believers).

So yeah – where did I leave off? I was in Bangkok wasn’t I?

Cool – I think I posted my last blog before I had a mental half an hour where I managed to lose my tickets AND my passport. That was quite amusing to say the least. Hahaah. Needless to say I found them in the end – but it got a bit hairy scary at one moment there!


So yeah – flight was reasonable uneventful..

Got home, got picked up, didnt go to the pub.. HONEST GUV!

Went round my mate Will’s place for an orange juice and a satsuma.. Man I sure know how to live it up eh?

Now its 828am (been doin other stuff – sorry – writing MAHOOSIVE emails to those who deserve them) and I need a shower… got SO much to do today: Get my films developed, sort out my finances, do some washing, buy some new clothes that fit, get a frame for my painting, sort out stuff for work tomrrow, go and see my friend Olivia, go through my post, eat some healthy food.. Hahahh.. So much to do so little time!

Right then – I’m off.

Keep smiling folks..

See you soon,


Koh Samui – Day 10: Goodbyes

Good morning one and all,

Its 920am here and its a beautiful day.

I think I might go and laze by the pool for a bit actually.. so that should be cool.

In other news – I’m a bit concerned about the cash flow situation – so I decided yesterday to checkout today and then travel up to Bohput this arvo, check in somewhere cheap and then go to KS Airport from Bohput. Which will save me as least half of what I’d be spending if I stayed here..

BUT – it transpires that I may have to give 24hrs notice before I can check out. Which could really stuff up my plans.. BUGGER. BUGGER. BUGGER.

I’m just waitin’ for Nadia (the Guest Relations Manager) to turn up so I can discuss it with her.. wish me luck!

I guess next time you’ll hear from me I’ll be en route back to sunny Twickenham.

So – until then.

( maybe! )

Koh Samui – Day 9: Food Glorious Food!

Good afternoon all..

So – Day nine of the trip. Day two of eating again.

The last night was to take it easy – one step at a time – no crap and no over doing it..

So I get to the table and I order myself this mango and cinnamon softie thing… oh it was gorgeous.. and that was that. Then ZenJen ordered these Tofu and raw salad Burritos.. which I was drooling over.. and what d’ya know? ZJ couldn’t eat them both. So I had one.. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… lovely.
So that was cool.. so then Sheli joined us and she fancied a softie like the one I’d just had.. so she got one.. and got me one too.

Taste explosion!

Its like I’ve never eaten before! Everything tastes so new and so fresh. I’m loving it.. Had a large steamed veggie platter for breakfast/lunch today.. that was well nice. Thinkin ‘about eatin’ some more soon.. my body’s craving it!

I’ll hush now.. don’t wanna go puttin’ all that weight back on!

I’m a bit bored today – ZJ went to Ko Phang Yang this morning, (happy travelling Jen – dont get too wasted!), I havent seen Sheli yet, JenJen’s gone to Tescos and Steve’s gone to get his blood tested (dont ask). So I dunno what I’m gonna do really.. might go introduce myself to some of the new folk that have turned up recently..

I’m thinking about going up to Bophut tomorrow – its closer to the airport y’see and I could stay there the night before I fly and maybe save myself some cash.. I dunno. Will talk it over with a few peeps. See what they think. I’ll let you know I guess.. plus there’s a really nice restaurant there that Kim was telling me about called (Martin – if you’re reading this – you’ll love it.. I know it).. called – “The Love Kitchen”. Brilliant. I HAVE to go there! HAHAHAAHAH..

So we’ll see.

Its Friday today. One more full day to go and the long journey home begins.

Keep smiling folks and I’ll catch up with you all real soon!


Koh Samui – Day 8: FOOOD!

Afternoon all.

Today is day eight of my holiday and the first day of non-fasting since I’ve been here! This morning I had to do a warm water colema (as opposed to the coffee solution ones Ive been doing) and then insert some flora grow.. (friendly bacteria) and then wait two hours.. and then eat! Wooo!

Obviously you have to take things slowly at first so I had me a salad to go around lunchtime and ate my way through it while I watched X-Men 3. Which by the way aint that special.. I was expecting much MUCH more from it. Shame really. Ach well.

Anywhoo – back to what I mentioned yesterday -about that step?

Ok – I’ll try and make this as clear as possible – if you’ve been reading this blog from day one you’ll know that at first I was spending a fair bit of time with (amongst others) Lauren, Steve and Zoe..right? Right. And as the week went on I started hangin’ out with ZenJen, Sheli and Kim right? Right. So yeah – anyway a few days ago ZenJen asked me about Reiki and my experiences with it.. so I told her. But I couldn’t tell her without obviously explaining why I was there to put the whole thing into perspective.. which was cool. She was cool and that was that.

Anyway – that night when Kim stayed over.. Kim said: “Jen mentioned you went through a pretty rough breakup before you came over.. and that was what prompted you to come here..” Yeah I said.. I did. …and then it hit me.

I hadn’t thought any of my emotional crap in a good two days.

When I first got here I was talking about it to Lauren, Zoe et al.. and then when I fell in with the girls I had no urge to talk about why I was there. I was just ….there. Enjoying the moment. Living for the moment. ..and I’d put everything else aside.

So yeah – I had a proper moment. I had let go of a little bit more pain and angst and I hadnt even realised it. I smiled a big smile and Kim and I carried on chatting the night away..

I’ve met so many great people here.. swapped loads of email addresses and stuff and there’s a whole bunch of us who are gonna hook up when we get home.

S’gonna be cool.

But yeah – today I am ready to come home.

I feel like I have achieved what I set out to achieve and more and if I had to fly home tonight then I could do so happily.

As it stands I dont leave til Sunday – I’m HOPING I’ve got enough cash left.. (ooer) to last me til Sunday – Steve wants to hire a jeep and go round the island tomorrow – so that should be good – then I think i’ll spend saturday just chilling out round the spa.. then after that? Well after that I guess I’ll pack!

… s’gonna be a long day Sunday. I’m up at 630 to catch the 740 flight to Bangkok.. then catch a 12hr flight from Bangkok around lunchtime ish… I land at Heathrow at 1915 UK time Sunday evening. Fingers crossed I’ll be too knackered to go out and do anything but we’ll see eh?!

My friend Caroline’s just left.. bless her – she’s off to hedonise herself up on Koh Phangyang (I think thats how you spell it) – Happy travelling Caroline – its been good talking to you. You’ve been uber supportive of everything I’ve done and its been good gossiping with you too! …see you back home babe.

Moving on..

OMG. Weight time.

So… before I decided I was coming to Thailand I was around 14st.

Then I started my two week pre-cleanse.

Day one of my fast I was 12st 10lbs.

Today I am 11st 10lbs.

Wow. I cant believe it. I haven’t been that weight since college I swear it!

So there you go. Thin old Whatters.

I’m gonna go get me some food now – catch ya laters potatas!

Koh Samui – Day 7: Woo!

Good evening everybody!

So yeah – its official – TOMORROW I CAN EAT AGAIN!

I’ve been fasting now for seven days. I’m stoked. I’ve got one more colema to do at 7am in the morning and then I’ve gotta have this drink thing then two hours later I can eat.. man – I haven’t looked forward to eating salad so much in my entire life!

Me and ZenJen are both finishing today so it’ll be cool to have a breakfast buddy..

So yeah – today I was one knackered bunny. Steve, Sheli, ZenJen and I went down to Tescos. Did a bit of shopping… that was alright apart from the fact we were SURROUNDED by food! I got my bits and bobs.. and then got hit by this MASSIVE wave of tiredness.. so we headed back, I tried to have some veggie broth but was having none of it and I hit the sack about half two. Aside from getting up every 90mins for my regimented pills and drinks and stuff… I feel much better now.

So here I am – didn’t achieve much today.. but that’s cool.

However, I realised I took another step without knowing it yesterday. I’ll write it up tomorrow or something.. but I’m really making progress now.. its cool. I feel like a completely different person.. its so odd and yet amazing too.