Koh Samui – Day 10 Cont…

Good afternoon everybody!

First off – the good news!

Nadia was cool about me checkin out early – in fact it wasnt a problem at all! Wooo..

So yeah – I got all checked out by 12pm.. sorted. JUST managed to fit everything into my rucksack (got this whole travelling thing nailed now I reckon – lookin a right traveller – me and Uncle Travellin Matt have got it going on!).. I had some lunch with my friends and we were gonna head up to Bohput together.. BUT. Its been SUCH a nice day! I dumped my stuff and the four of us rocked over to the swimming pool next door which is just divine. I took some pics and stuff to show ya but yeah – been there pretty much ALL day. Its been an absolutely brilliant last day in Thailand. I’m back at the spa now – just saying some goodbyes –

I’m gonna get me a bite to eat and then we’re gonna grab a suntao to Bohput..

When we get there I gotta sort me out a place to stay for the night and THEN we can rock on down to the Luuuuuuuuurve Kitchen. Its gonna be well cool. We’ve all broken our fasts now so EVERYTHING is on the menu! YAY!

Cant get too hammered (if at all – be a good boy now James) cos my flight leaves KS at 740am and I just gotta make that flight!

So yeah – had a great day chillin out with some great friends and now we’re gonna go eat at a great restaurant and hopefully have a great last night together.

I’ll probably post again when I hit Bangkok tomorrow (I’ve got 5hrs to kill between landing from KS and flying to LHR) so I guess I’ll tell you all about it then!

Keep on keepin’ on folks – Whatley is not far from home now..

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