Mobile Geeks of…

Three years ago, in June 2007, I set up the Mobile Geeks of London Facebook group. Set up and designed for the sole selfish purpose of meeting folk like me, the first event the following month was a resounding success.

Looking back at the ten event history, we’ve had meet-ups in London, Los Angeles, New York and even Las Vegas. The Mobile Geeks Of… bug has spread far and wide and, over the 1000 days or so that the group has been running, occasionally I’ve been approached by a number of people who have wanted to set up their own chapters so to speak. Their very own Mobile Geeks Of.

My response has more often than not been: “No, not yet…” while I worked away trying to get a website up and running where we could all coordinate our efforts quickly and easily. To say life has been getting in the way a little in the meantime might be a little bit of an understatement. What with leaving one job, travelling the world, starting another job then moving house, ‘spare time’ has been… rare.

So, although the killer website to run everything is still very much on the roadmap (I do own a very specific URL for this very purpose), in the meantime I don’t want to have to keep saying no to people who I know and respect who want to organise their own Mobile Geeks Of event in their area.

First up, probably the bestest friend that I’ve never met, Ricky Cadden, asked me if he could setup Mobile Geeks of Fort Worth. Then, days later, my 1000heads colleague Tom Hall asked if he could set up his own event over in Vancouver. Normally my answer would be ‘Not without me!’ – but there’s just no way I can get to Fort Worth or Vancouver anytime soon, so – like the website – visiting the chapters will have to go on the roadmap.

Tom. Ricky. I’ll be getting in touch shortly. Let’s get this show on the road.

Who’s next? London. That’s who. I get back from Texas (more on that tomorrow) next week, I’ll set the next MGoL up then.

MGoFW and MGoV are coming your way real soooooon!

Watch. This. Space.