Is breaking Facebook TOS?

To be honest, I’m not sure. Take a look at this

Facebook Timeline for brands is brand new and as such, the nuances and intricacies of the new user interface are still being worked out*. However, a good place to start when dealing with a new service structure is the service supplier themselves. In this instance, that’s Facebook.

Their [new] terms of service (specifically to the cover photo) state:


All covers are public. This means that anyone who visits your Page will be able to see your cover. Covers can’t be deceptive, misleading, or infringe on anyone else’s copyright. You may not encourage people to upload your cover to their personal timelines.
Covers may not include:

  1. Price or purchase information, such as “40% off” or “Download it on”;
  2. Contact information such as a website address, email, mailing address, or information that should go in your Page’s “About” section;
  3. References to Facebook features or actions, such as “Like” or “Share” or an arrow pointing from the cover photo to any of these features; or
  4. Calls to action, such as “Get it now” or “Tell your friends.”


I interpret that asOi! No special offers on your cover photo!‘ 


…but I could be wrong.

Being unsure (and in constant search of a decent debate), I asked Twitter

Ask Twitter

The crowd certainly think so – although, funnily enough, Play didn’t respond.

Covers including special offers certainly seem off limits from the Facebook’s terms of service and, in all honesty, that’s what I’ve been advising friends, colleagues and clients when it comes to embracing Facebook’s new Timeline layout…

Either way, Play are sailing pretty close to the wind. Wouldn’t you say?
Friends, readers and peers – what do you think?

Better yet, why don’t we ask Play?



*for example: knowing how many characters you should use in your ‘about’ section.


1000heads: Talking about Jerusalem

This is London’s Apollo Theatre, currently showing The Royal Court Theatre’s production of ‘Jerusalem’.

This ‘comic and contemporary vision of rural life‘ has been the subject of many a rave review with such headline grabbing one liners such as:

– The Guardian

– The Daily Telegraph

– The Independent

These rather catchy and awe-inspiring reviews are in fact so good, that the company in question has had them blown up and put on the outside walls of the theatre itself.

However, when I buy my ticket later this week it won’t be because of any of the press that I’ve demonstrated so far. Nor will it be thanks to the rave review that my hairdresser gave me only a few weeks ago.

The reason I want to see Jerusalem (and in fact the only reason I want to see Jerusalem) is this:

See them?

This photo was taken at 9:26am on a Tuesday morning. Every day I walk past this theatre on my way to work and every day since the play first opened, there has been a queue of at least twenty people waiting in line, in the rain, to get their hands on tickets of their own.

Yes, the play really is that good.

But what of word of mouth? I already confessed that my hairdresser had told me herself that it was good. But that wasn’t enough.
I’d read the reviews, again – still not quite enough.

This final piece of the puzzle, this commitment to the cause made real, completed my purchasing journey almost instantly.

In short:

  • Your customer’s purchasing journey could start anywhere.
  • Is this WOM? No. But I’m telling you, right?
  • Did WOM help? Not really, but it was part of the journey.
  • Above you can see at least twenty nascent advocates CRYING OUT to be engaged with. Apollo umbrellas? A thank you for their patron? Something?

How can you make your guest experience more conversational?

Think. Just think.

There always seems to be alot going on

And November is going to be very busy indeed…

I’m hoping to get as much in and done as humanly possible this month but, as it stands?
It’s not going too bad so far 🙂

This week I finished work on another project with MTV’s HIV and AIDS awareness charity, the Staying-Alive Foundation.
This time building around and about their online activity for their latest campaign, (the full details of which you can read over on Big Talk), …and by way of a thank you for all the hard graft, the guys at Staying-Alive secured me a VIP ticket to the MTV European Music Awards!

– Yep. That’s right. V. I. P. –

The Killers, Kanye West, Take That… (no, really).
All. Brilliant.

No pics unfortunately, but I did take a bunch of video mind – like loads – so will have to get some up sharpish I guess.

In the meantime however, back to that busy November I was talking about;

What with today being Sunday, thus follows – tomorrow shall be Monday and tomorrow night is in fact, Mobile Monday (MoMo) London.

Not just any old MoMo event mind, oh no.

Tomorrow just so happens to be MoMo London’s 3rd Birthday Celebrations.

They’ve been going for THREE YEARS! Fair play to them.

Should be a giggle.

We, (as in ‘We, the team from Mobile Industry Review‘), have been asked along to film the show there throughout the night… and I just have to give you this quote that went out on the invitation:

…We will have the MIReview Show joining us too and in the spirit of the evening, they will be presenting and filming some of their show LIVE on stage. (If you don’t know them already, think Top Gear but about mobile technology instead of cars)…

Best. Compliment. Ever.
Love it.

So yeah, MoMo tomorrow… Then worky work work until Thursday, whereupon I’m off to Europe for a few days to meet up with Journalists and Bloggers alike, spreading the SpinVox gospel as it were…

(and I think… I THINK… that may well be my overseas travel for the year… Done!)

All being well, I should be home the following Sunday and the Monday after that, (November 17th), I’m straight into The Future of Mobile Conference, where I’m taking part in the ‘6×6 UK Bloggers Perspectives’ section speaking alongside five other [and I quote]

…of the UK’s most interesting technology and mobile bloggers present a short insight into a mobile topic. This session will provide truly independent points of view on some of the major topics of continuing discussion in the mobile industry.

Yeah. So no pressure then.

Not when I’m in with such fantastic ‘names’ as Helen Keegan, Jemima Kiss, Vero Pepperrell, Andrew Grill and my Editor-in-Chief over at Mobile Industry Review, Ewan Macleod.

There aren’t really any words to describe how flattered I am to be bundled in with such esteemed folk, all of which I have masses amount of personal and professional respect on many levels… and that’s before we even start on the way I’ve been pitched!

Yeah, no pressure whatsoever.  Heh. 😉

Where was I?

That’s right. Monday 17th November. Future of Mobile. Check.

That same week, on the following Friday actually, November 21st, I celebrate my birthday.
Yep. My birthday falls on a Friday. Rock on.

I’ve no idea what I’m planning on doing yet but I’m sure I’ll talk about it eventually…

Moving swiftly onward to the evening of Wednesday Nov 26th I’m hosting Mobile Geeks of London V. Woo! 🙂

MGoL has always been one of my most favourite things to do and this, the fifth event in London of its kind, is no exception. I’ve talked about my love for MGoL at length before and no doubt will again soon.
In the meantime, if you’re interested in attending, get yourself along to the MGoL V facebook event page, put your name down and MAYBE I’ll see you there! Wheeeeeeeeeee!

Bring it.

Hangover depending, November 27th sees the first everevent themed around ‘The Network of Networks’, notionally entitled ‘Amplified 08‘. I HONESTLY do not know enough about this event to do it justice.

All I know is that there’s some bloody interesting people pulling it together and that I will move hell and high water to be there.

I might nip over to their About Page once I’ve finished this post actually, do some reading… Hmm.

And finally, bringing November to a close I’ve actually gone and booked myself a well-deserved weekend relaxing holiday break to somewhere secret, secluded and so completely offline I’m midly concerned I’ll get withdrawal symptoms…


Joking aside, this rest has been a long time coming… and I can’t wait.

Buckle up kids, November’s gonna get hectic!


Our Country’s Good

Ladies & Gentlemen!

You may wonder why I have disappeared from the MySpace scene somewhat of late…
Well – there’s a bloody good reason – I have been rehearsing..

Rehearsing for a play no less
Which play?

Our Country’s Good
…by Timberlake Wertenbaker

To be performed by The TACIT Theatre Company
(of which I am now a member)

The Arthur Cotterell Theatre
Kingston College
Kingston Hall Road
Kingston Upon Thames

Wednesday 8th to Saturday 11th November at 7:30pm.

Tickets are £9.50 (£7.50 concessions)

These can be purchased online at

By post from:

TACIT Theatre,
PO Box 857A,

Or in person from:
The Tourist Information Office in Kingston Market Place.

Getting there:

Streetmap: For You

Or failing that – get a train to Kingston Station and walk from there!

A note from me:
I know a few of you came to see me in the One Acts Festival back in April, (before I went to Thailand – go back to the very beginning of my blogs and you’ll find them), and know how well received they were…
Well some members of the above company saw me in those two plays and invited me to audition for their next show.

This is it!

The play is looking really good. I am writing this after having spent all weekend rehearsing and I am shattered. However – I am very excited about this performance and it is something I hope to be quite proud of when it’s over.

I would be really chuffed if you all could come along and support me and the theatre company in what I hope to be a rather excellent production.

A note about the play:
“The theatre is an expression of civilisation… It will remind them that there is more to life than crime, punishment. For a few hours we will no longer be despised prisoners and hated gaolers. We will laugh, we may be moved, we may even think a little…”
Amongst the wilderness a new colony is struggling to survive, populated by a ship full of convicts and a handful of Royal Marines to guard them. These unwilling pioneers find themselves trapped between slow starvation, the brutality of martial law and the terrors of this strange new world.

In effort to raise flagging morale and to create a more humane society in the makeshift colony, the Governor suggests the convicts stage a play. A young lieutenant is chosen to lead the rehearsals, with only two copies of the text, a cast of convicts, and one leading lady who is about to be hanged.

This entertaining and life affirming play tackles the controversial and very contemporary issues of prisoners’ rights, community development and national identity. Our Country’s Good was winner of the Laurence Olivier Play of the Year Award in 1988.

A note about TACIT and what they stand for/believe in:
TACIT Theatre is an exciting new type of company based in Kingston-upon-Thames, dedicated to producing rewarding theatre for today’s audiences.

The company membership comprises professional and amateur actors, directors, designers and technicians who, together with their audience, seek to understand ways in which selected classic and contemporary works can inform our modern lives.

By fusing amateur and professional talent, TACIT Theatre creates both touring and community productions, which allow everyone in the company to realise their own theatrical ambitions.

The company also runs a series of workshops led by theatre professionals, enabling all members to develop new skills and achieve the highest possible artistic and technical standards.

In this distinctive way, TACIT Theatre serves both its members and its audiences; but above all brings high quality, accessible and entertaining theatre back to the local community.







PS – If you can make – let me know.
That way I’ll know to stick around afterwards so I can buy you a drink… ;o)