Originality + Advertising

People in glass houses… yadda yadda yadda. Whatever.

People in glass houses… yadda yadda yadda. Whatever.

Two sides, one portrait

Remember when the above image did the rounds on the Internet a few months ago?

I’ve Googled the hell out of it and I can’t find the name of the artist anywhere (sorry – happy to be corrected by a more knowledgeable commenter). But hey, irrespective of the origins, let it not be said that good art can’t be stolen re-purposed for advertising purposes.

Check out this new set of print ads from Mercedes Benz, highlighting its new ‘blind spot assist’ feature.




Yawn of yawns.


Originality + Mobile

Or lack thereof.

First, in 2009, this –

[Bungee jumping, shot on a Nokia N86]

Then, in 2010, this –

[A rollercoaster review of the N97 Mini, shot with the N97 Mini]

So far so good…

Straight after that, we got to work on this –

[Shoot what you like with the Nokia N8, shot on the Nokia N8]

With the winners being invited along to this –

[A zero G flight, shot on the Nokia N8]

Great stuff.

Later, in 2011, this appeared

[A rollercoaster review ‘unboxing’ of the SGSII, shot with a ?]

Brilliant? Yes. Familiar? Slightly.

Admittedly they went one better, with this –

[A skydive review ‘unboxing’ of the SGSII, shot with a ?]

Well done.

Imagine my surprise when, today in 2012 this appeared on TV for HTC  –

[A free-fall fashion shoot with the HTC One, shot with a ?]

Amazing. Not.

Seriously, three years of this now… come along guys, at least try to do something different. It genuinely doesn’t matter who had the idea first or even who managed to push it to the next level. All we’re asking is for some originality.

Samsung was blatant, HTC is just plain late.

And while it’s fair to say, admittedly, everything is a remix; if Sony can create something new, you can too.

Do. Better.