Originality + Mobile

Or lack thereof.

First, in 2009, this –

[Bungee jumping, shot on a Nokia N86]

Then, in 2010, this –

[A rollercoaster review of the N97 Mini, shot with the N97 Mini]

So far so good…

Straight after that, we got to work on this –

[Shoot what you like with the Nokia N8, shot on the Nokia N8]

With the winners being invited along to this –

[A zero G flight, shot on the Nokia N8]

Great stuff.

Later, in 2011, this appeared

[A rollercoaster review ‘unboxing’ of the SGSII, shot with a ?]

Brilliant? Yes. Familiar? Slightly.

Admittedly they went one better, with this –

[A skydive review ‘unboxing’ of the SGSII, shot with a ?]

Well done.

Imagine my surprise when, today in 2012 this appeared on TV for HTC  –

[A free-fall fashion shoot with the HTC One, shot with a ?]

Amazing. Not.

Seriously, three years of this now… come along guys, at least try to do something different. It genuinely doesn’t matter who had the idea first or even who managed to push it to the next level. All we’re asking is for some originality.

Samsung was blatant, HTC is just plain late.

And while it’s fair to say, admittedly, everything is a remix; if Sony can create something new, you can too.

Do. Better.


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Author: James Whatley

Chief Strategy Officer in adland. I got ❤️ for writing, gaming, and figuring stuff out. I'm @whatleydude pretty much everywhere that matters. Nice to meet you x

6 thoughts on “Originality + Mobile”

  1. Haha not the first time I’ve seen Samsung copy something Nokia already did. Heck they even have a lame version of WomWorld with their “Samsung Mobilers” thing now.

    And even regionally they copy Nokia (eg just a few months ago in India: http://unleashthephones.com/2011/12/28/samsung-india-send-out-omnia-w-branded-taxis-that-park-outside-nokia-stores/)

    As a company, I’ve never thought Samsung had any Originality. First it was their designs, now this haha. Atleast old players like Nokia & Sony are still trying new things, eh?

    whatleydude Reply:

    I’ve quietly mentioned to a few people before how blatant that particular example is but I’d never seen that taxi work before – amazing!

    The HTC stuff is just boring.

  2. Expect to see this increase as the other mobile manufacturers begin focusing on things that Nokia has always focused on (At least in their advertising/marketing). Those being the camera experience, sharing, and connectivity (to others, not networks). Nokia has always emphasized the *EXPERIENCE* of using their devices (their whole motto is ‘connecting people’ for pete’s sake) while other manufacturers have pretty much focused on whatever the carriers wanted them to focus on.

    whatleydude Reply:

    I agree with ‘focusing on things that Nokia has always focused on’ but I think you’re missing one thing in particular and that is *the community*.

    Clinton nudged against it with ‘Samsung Mobilers’ – more of this, I think we’ll see.


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