1000heads: Are you an N8 Producer?

Back in December last year, we kicked off a huge global word of mouth campaign for Nokia entitled ‘N8 Producers‘.

We’re about one week away from the final closing date and the standard of entries we’ve had in is absolutely astonishing. Covering off extreme sports, special effects and just plain awesome story telling (sometimes a combination of all three) we can quite honestly say that there cannot be a more fantastic collection of campaign-based user generated content anywhere else in the world.

Here are some hard numbers (as of ten days ago)

  • 9million opportunities to view content
  • 10,000 likes & comments in social
  • 250,000 views across both YouTube and Vimeo
    (without any bought media support)
  • 3,700 episodes of conversation
  • With one awesome entry even being shown on ESPN!
    (average audience of 275,000)

Every single entry is brilliant in its own way but, to whet your appetite, here’s a selection of what we’ve had in so far… and remember: each and every producer shot their film with their very own Nokia N8.


Turn them up to HD.

There’s so many more on the official Nokia.com N8 Producers page itself, go check’em out and let us know what you think!

A few things I’m working on

Sorry for the darkness, I’ve been a touch busy…

First, the Nokia C7 Social Challenge is now live – good stuff

Second, N8Producers is out there too…

Oh and last but by no means least, I met Jeff last night…

Hey! Jeff!

That was at the Tron: Legacy premiere in London’s Leicester Square. This tweet made me smile a lot, but I think the best thing of all was being able to spring two tickets on a couple of lucky members of the cheering crowd.

I’m still editing that video but I’ll share it when it’s done; trust me, they were very happy 🙂

I love making people smile.

So much.

Whatley out.