1000heads: the book

As the blurb says –

1000heads is an imaginative collection of illustrations in which the human head experiments the strangest transformations, actions and variations.
Let this video guide you in this imaginative, fascinating and mesmerizing trip through the world of symbols, associations and memories.”

No no, we’ve not decided to change our business model (word of mouth is still our favourite thing) but rather an interesting find when our Google Alerts went off this morning.

It’s all about the jazz…

While this book of madness is three and a bit minutes of your life you’ll never get back, it has got us thinking; if 1000heads did have their own book, what would it consist of?

  • Case studies?
  • Advice?
  • Photos of our pets?

Perhaps the medium of print is too old and staid and we should instead get our very own iPad publication…

Answers/opinions/comments on a postcard please!