Antigua -> St Maartens

The Caribbean - Sep 13th

Molekskine entry: September 12th, 2009

No call lights on this flight, we have to wave our hands to get the stewardesses’ attention, like school children. Heh. Star trek is on the film selection screen. In fact all the options are pretty damn good on this flight. But I’m drawn to Star Trek, again.

It is a great film.

I’m reminded of a clip I once saw with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy —

Brilliant. It’s a nice thought as we approach our final trip. Our final Lucozade Challenge.  Friendship is for life.

44yrs on and they’re still best of friends.


1000heads: We heart cupcakes

We eat use them whenever possible.

With Gumtree, with Miele and sometimes Aussie too.

Giving cupcakes is great. Getting them is so much better. So, as you can probably imagine, we were made up when this absolute monster of a cupcake arrived at our office yesterday afternoon!

Nothing too fancy, just the perfect gift from every one at The Family Cake Company, thanking us for our business these past few months. Nom. There was just about enough to feed everyone in the office and well, it didn’t last very long…

Remember delight and surprise? Yeah, that.

Have a great weekend everybody! 🙂

Mobile Geeks of L.A.

We’re off to Hollywood!

So there’s this little thing called The Mobile Geeks of London‘, hopefully you know about it by now. I set it up a couple of years ago and hey, I write about it enough! 😉

For the uninitiated among you, the MGoL does exactly what it says on the tin. Whether you work in the industry or not, if you like to get geeky when it comes to all things mobile then MGoL is the place for you.
We have a facebook group that you can join to stay up to date with each event and the current base has recently broken the 500 mark (and still growing).

We had our sixth (London-based) meetup a little while back and it was actually quite awesome.
Managing to secure a proto Nokia N86 for the attendees to play with on the way! Lovely stuff.

I digress.

The point is, I’m off to LA next week and, to celebrate, the Mobile Geeks of London is hosting its second annual MGoL: On Tour event.

On the evening of Thursday May 7th May at The Cat & Fiddle, Los Angeles, the Mobile Geeks of London or should I say the “Mobile Geeks of LA” (#MGoLA), will be meeting for an evening of sun-drenched mobile chatter, sharing of across-the-pond knowledge and of course, general mobile geekery.

The Time: 6:30pm onwards
The Date: Thursday May 7th
The Place:

The Cat & Fidddle
6530 Sunset BLVD
L.A. CA 90028

(English-themed Public house style!)

Coming? Sign up on the dedicated MGoLA facebook event page
Massive thanks must go out to the rather fantastic combined skills of both Jeb Brilliant & Matt Singley who have been awesome in helping to organise this event.

You Rock!


I know most of the Mobile Geeks of London are, by definition, NOT based in Los Angeles.
But some of you reading this might be, or you may someone who knows someone… You get the idea! 😉

Either way – Hope to see you there!


J 🙂

PS – MGoL VII, in London, coming soon.