Best. Thing. Ever.

“Good evening, Mr Bond…”

From the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony…

I could watch this forever.

Like I said earlier



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Author: James Whatley

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5 thoughts on “Best. Thing. Ever.”

  1. Hey @whatleydude – Can’t stop smiling about this clip. You can imagine the brainstorm that must of taken place a couple of years ago. What we need is a couple of corgis, Buckingham Palace, Daniel Craig, and the Queen…. ….of course it’ll never happen… … go on then let’s have a go. Delighted you share my child-like excitement and enthusiasm. A really great moment. Cheers, @wadds

    James Reply:

    I feel exactly the same Steve, I woke up beaming from ear to ear 🙂

    Just, sheer brilliance

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