A Square Peg in a Round Hole

Moleskine Entry: Oct 22nd, 2009

Three weeks I’ve been doing this job and I think I might have worked out what I’m doing here. There’s obviously work to be done and I’m getting stuck in, however I still feel like an outsider.

New to the pack, some of the larger animals don’t know how to take me. Yet others are still trying to be open. We’re getting there. Slowly. At least I’m getting there.

The hardest part to deal with is the clients, I guess. They don’t trust me and, while my name maybe associated with The Really Mobile Project, I don’t think they ever will. It’s gutting because I’m not just some blogger off the street; I’ve spent the last 5yrs carving out a career as an expert in my field. Call it comms, word of mouth, community, dare I say it ‘Social Media’ and, in all honesty, I’m not an idiot (no laughing at the back please). I’m really not. I’ve never broken an NDA and I’ve always conducted myself in a professional manner. Yes, there is some bleeding across the lines with the new role, but really?

“We’re not going to show him anything he might blog.” — Really? Give me a break.

24hrs later – Validation. Defence. A small amount of insight and trust – as tenuous as it is – is restored. Although I fear this won’t be the last time it happens.

Perhaps it’s time to say goodbye to Really Mobile?

[Private post – made public on Dec 23rd, 2011]

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