1000heads: a big thank you

1000heads wins!

Best Viral Campaign for Nokia / Tron: Legacy at the Social Media Communications Awards!

Just over a year ago, the 1000heads Nokia account team were gearing up for one of the biggest/most intense workloads of our collective history as we headed towards the 24hr Nokia / Tron: Legacy takeover.

Here, in October 2011, it is still look upon as one of the best pieces of activity we have ever worked on and – for our client – it is continually held up and referred to as their best Facebook campaign, ever.

To put it lightly, we’re chuffed to bits!

A few thank yous:

  1. To the SoMeComms judging panel for recognising our fantastic work.
  2. To our partners at Disney and Propaganda, without whom none of this would’ve happened.
  3. To the ‘heads who worked tirelessly (through the night on some occasions!) to make sure that this activity came together perfectly.
  4. Last, but by no means least, to our awesome client(s) who continually challenge us and brief us into being able to dream, create and ultimately perform best in class and industry-defining work in the social media space.

Thank you, all of you.

Right, let’s get that champagne…

Awards are great, we love them, but what we love more is delivering great work for inspiring clients.

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1000heads: shortlisted

Following up on our recent shortlist success with N8Producers (awards announced later this week!), 1000heads are proud to announce a further five shortlist placements for two separate pieces of work.

First up, Behind the E7

In February of 2011, Nokia was launching its flagship enterprise phone: the Nokia E7. With more and more of their devices being well-reviewed for their industrial design, Nokia wanted to give a ‘behind the scenes’ demonstration video that not only highlighted the product itself, but also gave an insight into the design philosophy that exists within the very DNA of the company…

Hitting over 100,000 organic views in the first 24hrs was a huge success for both us and the client. Combining that with the top secret competition hidden in the video (did you spot it?) meant that overall, this is one of our best video creations to date.

Thanks to these results, Behind the E7 has been shortlisted for the following two awards –

Best use of Online Video at the Digital Impact Awards
Best use of YouTube at the Social Media Communications Awards

Second, Nokia / Tron: Legacy

At the end of 2010, Nokia partnered with Disney for the launch of the film Tron: Legacy. With the majority of the plot set ‘online’, it made perfect sense to compliment this with a social media campaign reflecting and building upon those elements. As the world’s leading word of mouth marketing agency, 1000heads were perfectly placed to deliver against this brief…

To date, this is Nokia’s most successful Facebook campaign, ever.

With that in mind, it’s great to see the above work has now been shortlisted for the following three awards –

Best use of Existing Social Media Channels at the Digital Impact Awards
Best Viral Campaign AND Best Social Media Campaign at the Social Media Communications Awards

Congratulations to all team members, both client side and agency side. Being shortlisted like this is fantastic recognition for all your hard work.

Roll on awards evening!