Rings of Saturn

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This happened, but I feel it needs elaboration. Below is exactly how I remember it.
It was …an incredible dream.

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In darkness, I shouted over the noise of our transport - 

“Go! Go quickly! Race to the end of that hill’s corner and then stop. Dead. Do not – I REPEAT – do NOT keep going. Stop, as soon as you get there. Trust me. Go now!”

I saw the outlines of nodding silhouettes as the sky turned a deep blue, “We don’t have much time, go NOW!” 

Racing, heart-pounding, we drove across the track. Corner one, clear. Dipping, downhill, speed increasing and then, I saw it. The first ray of sun revealing what had been there this whole time. Our planetary rings, silent in darkness, suddenly deafening by their over-whelming presence. Back up the hill. Out of the valley, into the corner and stop. Hard. 

Breaking, the dirt shifting under the tracks below. We come to a standstill. On the edge of the cliff and as one, we look up. The first sunrise in twenty-seven years and we’re here, to bathe in its infinite glory. 

The light dances and shines as it pours across the asteroid belt. The deceptively rough lines, crying out as they soak themselves in long-forgotten rays of luminescent nectar. 

We can only stare, transfixed, in awe of nature’s universal power and equally, at our constant insignificance. 

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Image above taken from this amazing video – ‘What if Earth had rings like Saturn?