Transparent Wallpapers

This is something that I think is pretty damn cool.

A colleague of mine has figured out how to make certain graphics transparent.
So that when you upload them to your phone, they seem to be just sitting on your desktop…

Make sense?


Ok – Well allow me to share some screens from my N95…
First you need a blank canvas


Et voila!

Then you need a picture, your favourite will do.

Once you’ve got that, send it in an email to your friendly neighbourhood Graphics Designer…

Wait five minutes…

He then sends you back the graphic that you then save to your phone’s memory card…
Scroll to said graphic ‘use as wallpaper’ – go to your mainscreen…

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand… Ta Da!

Job done!

Not only can he do it with photos that you have –
But he can do it with any drawings that you may do too!
Take this picture of a ‘BattleFish’ for instance that a friend of mine drew recently…

See how the aforementioned expert takes said pic and not only makes it a perfect wallpaper for my N95 but also adds a funky little reflection too…

Cool huh? Now this can be done with most pics – my current favourite?
My very own South Park Whatleydude!

The only problem is – I can’t live without my active standby…

…which kinda ruins it a bit!

Ah well…

Anyone want to know this is done?
Anyone think they know how it’s done?
Answers on the back of a postcard…
I’ll be waiting!

The Mobile Geeks of London

Hello all,

Following on from an earlier post – allow me to tell you a story…

It started as a simple question ‘Hey, we both live in London, do you fancy a drink sometime?’
That question was asked from one avid Jaiku fan to another.
(Yours truly and a guy named Romek)

From there – it snowballed…
We found a channel on Jaiku specifically for UK Jaiku users – called JaikUK

Then – upon finding that channel – I decided that’d be a great idea if we had a Facebook Group too.
And so Mobile Geeks of London was born…

It was, at first, made as a ‘base of operations’ if you will for me and a few fellow ‘mobilists’ who I knew lived in and around our great city to come together and chat…
And then, word got out that two of the members were meeting for a beer.

“Sod it!” I thought “Why not make it a full-blown facebook event?!”

And so I did.
Next thing I knew – SMS Text News picked up on it and ran it as a story – and overnight the group went from around 10 members to 110!

The Date: Thursday 26th July
The Event: The first ever Mobile Geeks of London meet up
The Place: A Pub in London
The Attendees: Mobile Geeks!

It. Was Great.

The whole evening had this kind of unofficial theme of ‘Show & Tell’

Some folk were there showing off new software – some other folk were throwing new mobile ideas around and some folk were just showing off their various handsets… an iPhone even made it along!

However, I must admit, I think that was probably the main lure for peeps coming along in the first place!

Everyone wanted to touch it!
Hehehe – Here’s some photos from the evening folks – enjoy!

Geeks – Phones – Beer – Heaven

James Body. He of Truphone fame.
With my iPhone and his E61i.
Which one do you prefer?

My new friend Peter (aka Romek).
He was the guy that originally asked me out for a Mobile Geek drink!
It’s all his fault I swear it!


All in all the night was a resounding success and I’ve received lots of messages of praise for organising it all.

I couldn’t have done it without my good friend Technokitten who was on hand to offer assistance when the whole thing started getting a bit out of hand!

So – if you’re a Mobile Geek and you live in London – why not join the group and maybe we’ll see you at the next meet!


Two things of note today folks.

First, I’ve finally joined the elite in my office and sorted myself out TWO (count ’em) monitors…

I know it’s nothing new, but I’ve been the only one with a single monitor for ages now…
So Yay me!

Next up – a quick picture of the desk next to mine..

‘Hmmm… Which one shall i use today?’


Those of you tuning in for the N93i vs N95 shots I promised from the wedding at the weekend; It won’t be long. I took a ton of photos with both handsets so it’s just gonna take a while to put it together..
I’m working on it though. For now though.. I hope you enjoyed my Geek-a-thon pics…


Mobile Geeks of London Unite!

“Do you consider yourself a mobile geek? Do you live, work or hang out in (or within easy reach of) London?

SMS Text News reader James Whatley has just launched a Facebook group called Mobile Geeks of London. It’s open to anyone (assuming you’ve got a Facebook account, of course), and promises chat, discussions, and general merriment.

To join up, just click this link. There’s rumours of the first group get-together in London this coming week – and if you ask James nicely he might bring his iPhone along.. :)

Morning has broken

And it is raining!
Not heavy rain mind, the annoying ‘thin’ rain that goes right through ya… Definitely Welly weather today! Weeeee… Breakin’ out the waterproofs too.. See below.. My ‘jack in a pack’.

Hmmm… and now time for Breakfast!

Fried egg sandwiches, coffee, a bit of fruit.. Then I think I might go for another wander..
Oh.. And one more thing..

A HUGE shout out to my colleagues over at Refresh Mobile who are avidly following my Glastonblog – bless em – they texted me this morning to tell me they’d ‘mobilized’ my blog!

So if you wanna keep up to date with Whatleydude’s Escapades on the Go.. Point your phone’s browser to – new download available at 4am every day!

(now the pressure’s on – i best keep the content up to date – eek!)

But James?!

“How will you ever be able to blog when your battery runs out?”

Well… Check out these two lovely little gadgets.

That on the left is a spare Nokia N95 battery set in a handy little desktop charger..

That on the right is a ‘Chimp Charger’.

Insert one AA battery and voila! One instant phone charger.. Rock and roll..
Next blog MAY involve a certain amount of traffic.. Hmmm..

We’ll get there eventually!