Blackberry 10: seven things you should know



1. There are two phones.
One new handset comes with a keyboard (the Q10) and one does not (the Z10). The latter looks like a fairly traditional touchscreen slab and the former will not doubt speak to those day to day business men who actually miss the days of having a full keyboard.

2. It’s for one handers
Apparently RIM, sorry BLACKBERRY (we’ll come back to that) have got super-focused on their one-hand experience to help those chaps and chapesses who like to do things… one handed. TRUTH.

3. European MD, Stephen Bates, will probably never appear on the BBC ever again.
In an amazing interview on Radio 5 this morning Mr Bates was asked  ‘What did you learn from the iPhone?’ (in various forms) six times and not once did he address the question full on. Ouch.

Too much media training = painful interviews from hell.

4. It runs Android apps.
It really does. And if there’s any app that’s not in the store, you can convert it in 40 seconds.

BB10 Android converter

Grab the APK file, upload it to the converter and… bish bash bosh… one BB10 app ready and raring to go.

5. According to sources: it’s actually quite good.
David Mannl, super mobile tech head and founder and creative director at mobile app generator, Mippin, had this to say:

I’ve been using BB10 on a final hardware device for two weeks. And I won’t go back to my Galaxy S3. And Whatley knows how much of and android fan boy I am. Just amazing! Mainly because it runs all my android apps as well. A complete no brainer.

6. No more RIM: Blackberry is it.
That’s right, Research in Motion is no more. Pursuing the ideal of ‘one brand, one promise’, from this day forth, the Canadian handset manufacturer will simply be known as ‘Blackberry’. Clean and simple, not unlike their new UI.

7. You can play with one on Feb 28th.
The new Blackberry 10 devices are available tomorrow! However, if you don’t want to splash out yourself – don’t worry! You can come along to #NotatMWC next month, hang out with some rather awesome mobile geeks, AND get your grubby mitts on one there.

We’ve been promised BB10 devices will be on hand, so if you want hands on, come to #NotatMWC!



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Author: James Whatley

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6 thoughts on “Blackberry 10: seven things you should know”

  1. On the ‘convert an Android APK’ thing… I appreciate it’s fairly simple technically, but I presume officially (at least) it only works on apps you have built. Extracting the APK of an app from the Play store is – surely – against a lot of T&Cs?

    James Reply:

    T&Cs breakage or no, it’s quite the ‘feature’ – no?

    Ben Reply:

    Technically yes, but if I can’t use it to convert my favourite apps from the Play store without tons of hacking then it’s not much use to real consumers and you’re back to the devs being interested enough to convert.

    James Reply:

    OR you could just look at the website and download [any of] the previously downloaded/converted…

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