“What Wii did on Sunday…”

First official ‘proper’ post of the new blog site, AHOY!

How to make a Minority Report-esque interface using your Nintendo Wii!
(by yours truly and geekyouup aka Richie Hyndman of Mippin fame)


Now, this all happened thanks to the awesome social media world of the internet, how?

Well the thing is, I (along with a few others) like to organise Mario Kart Wii competitions over Twitter.
So far so Nintendo Geek…

But ‘Wadds‘ – aka Stephen Waddington, Managing Director of Rainer PR – spotted this regular occurrence and decided to share that he’d given up playing games on his Wii and how he now is all about creating something like this.

“Wow, cool!”

I took that link, threw it at Richie and he came straight back to me and said:

“Come over Sunday, let’s do it!”


So – Big love to Johnny Chung Lee for showing us the way – and also bonus props to Stephen for giving us some blog love first thing this morning!

Nice work all round,


Major Wii Firmware Update – V 3.0

Good morning folks,

Just a quick note to say to all you fellow Wii owners out there… Keep a look out for that little blue light today.
That there means that there’s an update waiting to be downloaded…

Go on…
Go get it…

A lot of stuff has been written about this already – most of which I’m about to repeat – HOWEVER!

Stay ’til the end and I’ll exclusively reveal something that has yet to be reported that a few gamers that I know stumbled across this very morning…

Ok – here’s the lowdown,

The rest is as follows…

Main Menu Revisions

  • Clock Display
  • The Disc turns 180-degrees on the Disc Channel icon
  • News Channel icon displays headlines
  • Forecast Channel icon now displays the weather without entering the channel
  • Faster loading times when changing channels/leaving channels (Up for debate)
  • Move contacts on Address Book
  • Calendar no longer displays envelopes for the amount of time you played, only messages
  • Light bar goes on when disk is inserted or removed
  • Able to navigate Wii Settings with + and – (Man that always pissed us off)
  • Scrolling through messages has a new sound, and scrolling with B now displays an arrow similar to the Internet Channel

Wii Shop Channel Revisions

  • New Welcome screen detailing 4 Recommended Titles and the points they cost
  • Titles You’ve Downloaded was moved to the main shop menu
  • New ways to browse
  • Popular Titles (not only based on recent info)
  • Newest Additions remains the same
  • Search for a title which can use partial names
  • Search by Category
  • System shows the different systems and how many titles have been released under each
  • Publisher showing different publishers and amount of titles released
  • Genres listed

Warning: Do not install this update if you have modded your Wii!


So finally – and annoyingly enough – this story is now being picked up around the gaming journos.
I’ve just emailed the guys over at SPOnG to let them know…

But yes – what’s the big secret Whatley?!
Well – everywhere I’ve read about V 3.0 of the Nintendo Wii firmware I am yet to read one little thing…

That is – V3 actually allows Full USB Keyboard Integration.
That’s right – Wii-Mail & Internet Browsing will never be the same again!

lol – at the time of writing I’ve just had an email back from the guys at SPOnG saying:

“In fact… it even works with an ancient Mac keyboard!