Wi-Fi on the Underground

How much will you pay for it?

Nokia N9: Empty Underground

Now that the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games are nearly gone, and summer too is following suit, Virgin Media’s free Wi-Fi on the underground promotion will also be coming to a close.

Since the beginning of July, commuters, tourists and Olympic-goers alike have been able to log on, albeit intermittently (it’s on the platforms, not in the tunnels), by simply handing over a name and an email address… However, as Virgin have always said, it’s only free ‘for the summer‘.

Now, being British, summer part one ended at some point in June. Part two has just arrived (after a rainy intermission) and I doubt the Wi-Fi will match the same timeline.

So here’s the big question: how much will it cost when the summer is gone?


My gut says £5pcm.

My heart says it will be FREE to all existing Virgin Media subscribers.

My head says I’d probably £10pcm (but only with a guaranteed coverage increase of 50% of stations by 2013).


Twitter tells me that not everyone will or wants to pay for it. As in, they don’t actually want it. Yeah, there is that.


What do you think?


[update 2] 

Virgin have just confirmed that the WiFi service will remain free for the rest of 2012. Win.