Personal vs Personalised


This is stuck on the wall next to my desk.

I look at it from time to time and, on occasion, point wildly at it whilst making some word of mouth-related point about something or other.

The best way to illustrate this? Spam is personalised. Post-it notes are personal.

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been sending out our #WhatisWOM infographic posters to all and sundry* and every single one of them went with a hand-written, personal note saying ‘thank you and enjoy’.

This is important.

Relationships are important.

People are important.

And that, dear readers, underpins everything we do.

*Including Scott Gould who picked up on this yesterday and prompted me to write this post 🙂

We've got some packing to do

You may remember that to celebrate our birthday last month we pulled together this rather tasty ‘What is WOM?’ infographic –

You might also remember that we also promised posters to anyone who wanted one too…

Well, they’re here.

If you want one (and are yet to sign up) please go right ahead and leave a comment on this post and we’ll add your name to the list