Made of Imagination

This, is gorgeous –

Having just seen this on the tellybox, a few things spring to mind –

  1. I <3 Wes Anderson (who shot and directed the above ad).
  2. You have to applaud Sony for going in this direction: basically saying ‘Look, most phones do the same things, we’re not going to sell you the features or the whizz-bangs, we’re just going to sell it to you’ .
  3. It’s an Android phone. The robots in the clip look a little bit like the Android brand. Accident? Maybe. Maybe not.
  4. The kid’s voiceover is a little on the contrived side (the word ‘device’ clunks, terribly), but believable nonetheless.
  5. This won’t make me buy the phone, but it has made me want to know more (which is pretty unheard of for a Nokia purist such as I).
  6. The pre-amble video isn’t bad either.

Overall? Well done.