I shot this on the way into work Friday morning with the full intention of it being the #vlomo10 entry for that day. A timely Benny appearance at the 1000heads offices kindly put a stop to that however, so here is Friday’s original entry; slightly out of time – but nonetheless, still here.


Oh – and that photo that I took?


Crazy Weather!

It’s just like being back at Glastonbury! …Yes – I know I haven’t written up my Sunday at Glasto yet (it’s coming – there’s a draft saved here that I need to finish) but I just HAD to update and share the crazy rain/hail we just had round Fulham way! Check out the photo and video below!

Yes – That’s HAIL.
Video next…

Crazy Weather from James Whatley on Vimeo.

The end of the world is nigh…! …but something more pressing: I hope the tubes are ok, I’m supposed to be meeting my Glastonbuddies in Soho at 7pm! …Eeek! WHY did I leave my Cag at Glastonbury?! WHY?!

What can I say?

First day (officially) of the festival and Wow WOW WOW!

There’s a lack of photos currently due to cursed battery power! Again!
But today.. I have seen:

Gogol Bordello

One CRAZY Russian punk band! The most amazing way to start Glasto.
Seek them out.. “start wearing purple, wearing purple!” ..after that came:

The amazing Amy Winehouse..

Wow. What a show. ‘Valerie’ went down a treat!

…before I carry on.. I need to share something with you –
Yes. A few thousand people will applaud Amy Winehouse – but there is NOTHING quite like hearing One Hundred and Seventy Thousand People cheer like they’ve never cheered before.. Why? THE SUN CAME OUT! Wee!
Ok..back to the story – after Amy came The Magic Numbers – i love this band.
Such HAPPY music..
However – the best part of THAT set was when they rounded off with a Guns’n’Roses Cover! Fan-bloody-tastic…

Had a little sleep after all that lot.. And now… I’m waiting for The Arcade Fire to come on…

The weather’s good though!


Ouch… My head.. Buh…

Thank God blogs aren’t in ‘smell-o-vision’ – otherwise I’d lose my readership VERY bloody quickly..
Nice! Well…

Anyone who knows anything about Glastonbury will know that EVEN THOUGH IT’S A SUMMER FESTIVAL (it is June after all folks) it is traditional that no matter what.. It rains.


You’ll be pleased to know that I took a few photos from inside my tent this morning..

Have a look see.

All I can say is:
Thank God Jana managed to get some cagouls yesterday during our Last Minute Welly Dash!