Canvey Island

So I’ve just got back from a weekend in Essex on the the beautiful, (no really), Isle of Canvey.

I caught up with some old friends, played some Wii, laughed a hell of a lot and drank a fair bit of wine too!
I know 99% of my readers have never been to Canvey before so I’ve taken the liberty of uploading some photos of the ‘idyllic’ seafront along with the ‘picturesque’ sandy beaches..

All taken with my trusty N95 too!

Once this is uploaded i’ll get to work a little post entitled –

The Mobile Geeks of London

(which I was supposed to write last week!)

But for now… Boats and Beaches!

Kew Gardens

Managed to swing by Kew Gardens at the weekend… and very beautiful it was too.

A bit hot for my liking and I wasn’t there long but a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon definitely…

All pictures taken and uploaded c/o my N95.
(sod being the landscape gardener there!) 🙂

And for all those Apple fans out there – more iPhone loveliness coming soon!