Nolan’s next project, INTERSTELLAR, is months away and the third (and final?) trailer has arrived and it is beautiful. I can’t wait for this film.

Sometimes, space is the only escapism.


Catch me on a particularly passionate day (hint: the ones that end in the letter ‘y’) and ask me about Christopher Nolan and I will gladly tell you that we are extremely lucky to be living in the time of his film. In years to come, his films will be regarded in the same breath as Scorcese, Spielberg, and Kubrick. Such is in influence on modern cinema; he is literally history in the making (argue with me, I dare you).

Nolan’s next project, INTERSTELLAR, is months away and the third (and final?) trailer has arrived and it is beautiful. I can’t wait for this film.

Trailer 2 is below, the third trailer can be viewed at the new website (entry code: 7201969) and it is well worth 180 seconds of your time.

“Mankind was born on Earth, it was never meant to die here.”



Five things on Friday #73

Things of note for the week ending May 23rd, 2014.


1. The birth of the $60 billion videogame industry
I think I picked this up from the rather excellent Web Curios newsletter (go subscribe) but I’ve only just got around to reading it. The bit I’m linking to is an excerpt from the book ‘Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo, and the Battle that Defined a Generation and it covers off the creation of gaming icon, Sonic the Hedgehog.

The fax machine stopped sputtering, and Kalinske picked up the sketch. “Ah,” he said, trying not to sound repulsed. “Very interesting.” Kalinske stared at the drawing, trying to see in it what Nakayama saw, but it was no use. The hedgehog looked villainous and crude, complete with sharp fangs, a spiked collar, an electric guitar, and a human girlfriend whose cleavage made Barbie’s chest look flat. “I assume this is his girlfriend?”

I’m a gamer, so I loved it*. But its also a great insight into one of the biggest parts of recent pop culture came to pass, so non-gamers might love it too.

*So much so, I bought the book.

2. Godzilla (2014) is ACE.

I loved it. Gareth Edwards is a fantastic director and, while there’s a few clunky bits in places, overall his interpretation is a brilliant take on the Godzilla legend (let’s face it, you couldn’t get much worse than the last attempt).

The good news is, Edwards has already been signed for not only Godzilla’s 2 & 3 but also the first Star Wars spin off film (as yet untitled) in 2016.

Tip of the week? Go and seek out his original creature-feature-but-not, Monsters.


3. Good Art

Antonio Mora


4. Three new trailers for your eyes

New Pixar/Disney/Marvel film – Big Hero 6
The next big Marvel adventure – Guardians of the Galaxy
Christopher Nolan’s next epic – Interstellar


5. Tab Dump
My podcasting partner in crime, Stefan Constantinescu, writes Tab Dump pretty much every day.

He’s going through some technical difficulties at the moment (due to a lack of Internet while travelling) however you should definitely sign up to his newsletter, as it’s one of the best resources for interesting news (tech + real world) every day.


See you next week!



Five things on Friday #68

Things of note for the week ending April 18th, 2014.


1. BFI Player
Not sure if this is available outside of the UK but the British Film Institute launched their own web-based content player recently. If you like bloody good film, it’s not a bad place to rent stuff from (and there’s 15% off if you’re a member, obvs).

BFI Player

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
This has got car crash written all over it BUT wild horses won’t keep me from seeing it at the cinema.

Yes, Michael Bay is rebooting the Turtles.
No, it doesn’t seem like they’ll be keeping to their origin stories.
Yes, the trailer looks terrible / typically Michael Bay.
No, there’s no sign of Krang.
Yes, Megan Fox is playing April O’Neil.
No, the Turtles aren’t as small as they’re supposed to be.
Yes, Splinter will be in it.

Oh, and I really like the posters  –


3. Coconut Crabs (and Amelia Earheart)
Potentially a bit of nightmare fuel, so no image – you can click through yourself.

4. One Positive Thing. Everyday.

Sing In The Shower

I like these set of illustrations. A lot. You might too.

Good job they’re available to buy as well, eh?

5. Computerising the Human Experience
The image at the top of this post was created by Victoria Siemer.

Her work is amazing, if a little heart-breaking.


Full set available via Beautiful Decay.

Have a great weekend.


NEW TRAILER: X-Men: Days of Future Past

Bring it.


Before you carry on, watch it again, and then look at the poster below (which is also awesome).

XMen DOFP Poster

Days of Future Past (DofP) is the next instalment of the X-Men franchise and, as you can see from the trailer, combines the casts from both the original X-Men films (1, 2, and 3) and those from the rather excellent prequel (of sorts), First Class.

If you stayed past the end credits after watching The Wolverine, you would’ve already known that something else was in the works. Well, this is it. Based on the 1980s comic book of the same name and back in the extremely capable hands of original director Bryan Singer, DofP looks set to be amazing.

I am, somewhat unsurprisingly, extremely up for this. Yes the X-Men film hit rate has been patchy, but I’ve got a good feeling about this one.

Oh, and don’t think that’s it after this one either. X-Men: Apocalypse (yeah, you know) is being lined up after this with the third Wolverine film to drop straight after. So that’s three X-Men universe-based films (that we know about, X-Force has been rumoured for some time too) to look forward to.

What do you think? You in or out?


Related reading: Screenrant has a great trailer breakdown.

NEW TRAILER: Guardians of the Galaxy

Oh my god, let’s DO THIS.

They’re here, and they look awesome. The newest and weirdest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (yes, this is what ties into that post-credits sequence in Thor: The Dark World) and it looks AMAZING.



Sidenote: I still can’t get over how awesome Karen Gillan looks. The former Amy Pond is almost completely unrecognisable –

Karen Gillan Nebula Wallpaper

UPDATED: The poster has been dropped too, YOU’RE WELCOME.


(click for big version)

NEW TRAILER: Transformers 4: Age of Extinction

Watch this! Quickly!

It’s just a teaser, admittedly, but…


Optimus Grimlock


..and breathe..

I hope they make a hoodie of this new version.
The one I have of the old one rocks my face off.