Just a quick note…

…to say that just because Glastonbury is over – does not mean this blog is coming to an end.

As I’ve mentioned previously – I’ve got plenty of stories and pics from my friends to upload yet. And then, once that’s all done.. I’m SURE I’ll still be uploading content from my mobile as often as possible.

Ideally i’d like to keep a theme of some kind.. I’m not sure I’m a large enough festival-goer to warrant a ‘festival-theme’ per se… So what about a music theme maybe?

I dunno..

All suggestions welcome! …in the meantime, watch this space, more Glasto-blogging to follow..

And.. Just so I’m keeping in tradition.. See below for a late night ‘from a distance’ pic that I took of The Killers just before one of their speakers went down and ruined the whole set… 🙁

Morning World

Saturday Today!

The plan:

Guillemots at 1530 over at the Pyramid stage (cool), then after that I’m probably gonna have to desert my friends and run off to the Other Stage to see CSS..
My dear friend Bongo introduced me to this fantastic sound.. I’ve GOT to see them live!

Once that’s all done I’m gonna run back over to the Pyramid to catch Lily Allen (however that DOES mean missing The Klaxons… What to do, what to do, what to do?)!
Then at 6pm we’re discussing the merits of Babyshambles over Paolo Nutini.. To Be Decided.
After that?
Stay at the Pyramid for Paul Weller and The Kooks and then round all of that off with a few tracks from The Killers! Woo!

Ok.. First I need some breakfast.. … … … …

Oh – and before I go.. Just gotta say two words:



Wow wow wow wow wow… WOW!

Ahhh dudes! They were SO good! I mean like SO good! …and Yes, being a good little Blogger, I took some video for you… ENJOY!