Charles Olive

They design bow ties, so you don’t have to.

Charles Olive

In short: Charles Olive is an accessories label specialising in bow ties. They love bow ties but apparently it’s often difficult to find one that excites.

This is why they set up their label.

Their tagline ‘Designed in Excel. Handmade in Britain.’ makes me smile every time I read it.

Need a high-class bow tie? Speak to Charles Olive.

If you’ve ever considered buying one, make it from this man.

1000heads: How do you use yours?

We’ve just changed our Twitter background like so:

Why? Well…

We think, when it comes to talking to brands, it’s important to know exactly who you are talking to. Putting a human face to the oft-faceless corporations is something we believe in and, fortunately also specialise in.

Obviously the above method isn’t for everyone – I still have artichokes as my personal background (it’s a long story). But by updating your contact info using this under-used medium is just one way of maximising the impact of your company’s Twitter presence.

If you’re using twitter from a brand perspective, as we are above, how do you use your background?

^JW 😉