Speaking: Social Success Mic Up

The quote:

“I’m learning to love my new äppärät’s screen, the colorful pulsating mosaic of it, the fact that it knows ever last stinking detail about the world, whereas my books only know the minds of their authors.”

From the book Super Sad True Love Story, by Gary Shteyngart, are the words with which I started my five minute talk at the social success mic up last week.

Social Success Mic Up

[image via Salesforce Marketing Cloud]

The theme for the night? Social Media Predictions for 2013.

Five sets of speakers, five different angles, five minutes each – simple. My pitch?

“Things are moving in 2013, you should know what and you should know where: eyes are moving to second screens, money is moving overseas, social media penetration is moving up the corporate ladder.”

Social media jobs, once banished to the basement of the marketing dept (under  digital lead, under a marketing lead, under a brand lead) are now seated in director postions and even sitting on the board. 2013 will only see this situation improve further.

If the noughties will be remembered for anything, it’ll be for service providers outsourcing customer care to the emerging (read: cheaper) markets. With social as a care channel becoming more and more commonplace, 2013 will see the out-sourcing of this work to those very same markets. After all, what is easier to script: an unknown call with someone who just wants to scream and shout, or a 140 character response?

Finally, eyes are moving in their droves to the second screen. This is not news. And I’ve said as much before. However, when advertisers and media planners realise that people aren’t watching their ads anymore the cry of ‘JUST MAKE BETTER CONTENT’ will soon grow tiresome, and those keen eyes will want to spend their ad money on those very screens that have stolen their eyeballs. Yes of course, that implies an increase in social media ad spend, but that also means a demand for better and more dynamic media opportunities across those platforms.

And that was me, in five minutes.

Other highlights were Bernie Mitchell reminded us all why Podcasting is utterly brilliant; and the really rather infectious Hera Hussain, who spoke quite brilliantly about how her thesis and analyses on the Egyptian revolution provided insights on what actually makes someone influential.


New Year, New Choices: Speaking

Yes, that’s right: SPEAKING.

The Conversation Prism, by Brian Solis

At the tail end of last year (and after much deliberation; is it poncy, is it not?) I added a ‘Speaking’ tab to my blog. First, to record all the speaking engagements that I am lucky enough to get/give and second, to serve as a way for folk to not only see the way I work, but also get in touch should they wish to book me.

Last year topped out at three different presentations and talks, and given that 2011’s end number was six, I really don’t think this is good enough.

After reviewing last year’s fairly lacklustre efforts I decided that this year, 2013, I’m going to proactively hunt down new speaking opportunities and get back into the swing of things again. The best thing is, my new responsibilities at Ogilvy now allow me the freedom to pursue this goal, which means I can make the time where appropriate. Brilliant.

Saying it is one thing, but doing it is another – a bit like running, really; you just need to put the effort in. Which is why, after only three weeks gone in the year, there are four slots already on the horizon!

The two I can tell you about?

January 22nd
Tomorrow I’m speaking at the SocialTV conference. The speaker line up looks great and, after my post last year about how hard TV-based social media integration is failing, I believe I’m being pitched in to add a bit of realism to the proceedings. I can’t wait!

January 24th
Then on Thursday, I’m one of the speakers at the SalesForce Social Success Mic-Up. This time speaking about social media trends looking forward into 2013. I made some predictions in August last year and for this sessions I’ll be building on those and trying to see what else we can see coming ’round the corner.

Two confirmed, and two under discussion. If the latter come in, I’ve already beaten last year’s score. Perfect.

It’s amazing what you can achieve when you set yourself a goal like that.

Who’d a thunk it?



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