1000heads: It’s a sign!

Or Our Top Five List of Awesome ‘Retail’ Posters’

Distrupt! Be out of the ordinary! Be human! Surprise! Delight! Think about the offline!

Or Our Top Five List of Awesome ‘Retail’ Posters

Disrupt! Be out of the ordinary! Be human! Surprise! Delight! Think about the offline!

^ Welcome to 1000heads.com. We preach about all of the above and much, much more. When it comes to adopting a human tone of voice, we yell our thoughts and beliefs from the rooftops.

Often we find the best examples of this away from our computers and out on the streets around us. Today, we’d like to show off five awesome examples of randomness that we’ve spotted and/or come up with that have made us smile, sparked a conversation and ultimately, enticed us in-store to make a purchase.

First up, as it’s a Monday, we’ll start with something cute. This sign should read: ‘Kitten for sale’, but it doesn’t, it says this –

Just spotted this on the way home - LOVE IT

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I spotted this one only last night on my way home from work. Inspiration (and humour) is everywhere, you just have to look up.

Next, your bar is closed. First of all, why? Second, how do you communicate it?
B@1 has the answer –

Love this

These guys are up front about the lack of cocktails on this particular evening and, as fellow hard-working human beings, we totally understand the difficulties giving all of the staff a night off and this communicates it brilliantly. Fair play.

Returning to that journey to and from work, it’s not often you spot furniture just left around in the street. What’s even more infrequent is spotting this kind of note attached:

Love this

“I need a new home! I’m a super sofa bed.”

Of this, I am a fan. According to my neighbours this sofa was snapped up within hours of it being left out like this and, even though dumping furniture like this is probably illegal, putting a human face on it all suddenly changes your perspective.

This next one we spotted on Twitter this morning, c/o ‘Professor Snape‘. We don’t know what store this was snapped in but, as creative ideas around empty shelving areas go, this one is definitely one of our favourites.

Bonus points for the Harry Potter reference

Finally, this time last year (during our tenth birthday celebrations) we spotted this Find Us/Follow Us sign in a local book store.

It’s good, but it’s one that we thought was good but could work much harder.

How? Take a look for yourself.

Once you’ve done that, why not let us know what awesome signs you’ve seen out and about on your travels?



#NewTwitter – what now?

New Twitter is here! Hurrah!

Not for all of us, admittedly, but it’s getting there…

So what’s new about it?

Listing all the awesome new features that are now available to some of its users is too easy and to be honest, a lot of people have done that already.

Where can we add value?

Here at 1000heads, we like to help people.

Be that through offering real world shops easier ways to talk about their social selves or even just recommending best practice for that most unused of social spaces; the twitter background.

We’ve done this before.

However, what with #NewTwitter on the scene, all that hard work and stunning imagery we advised back in January is going to waste; it’s now suddenly hidden behind Twitter’s brand new, super-slick and super-fast web interface.


This means change. But do not fear, change is GOOD! 🙂


Our old background, on #NewTwitter, looked like this –

No. Neither can we. Rubbish right? Agreed. Which is why we’ve changed it.

Now it looks like this


What do you think?

We’re off to tell our friends and clients to make use of this window ASAP and to get to work on changing their Twitter background sharpish.

Perhaps you should too 🙂



If you want to create your own, then we recommend graphic that has a 20pixel gap at the top and a 48pixel width for the side. We’d also recommend, for now at least, that you create something that works on both #newtwitter and old.


If you’ve updated your background because of this post, then please do leave a comment with a link. We’d love to know who’s not only benefited from this blog but also – more importantly – exactly how creative our readers can get with such limited space!

Best of luck 🙂