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Moleskine Entry: April 17th, 2011

Today is Sunday. Last night we threw a fancy dress part and everyone got involved (well, everyone we knew anyway).

— Indian Ben | Toga James —

This was, as you can imagine, quite amusing for the Mongolian smugglers traders on board.

Around midnight Moscow time [4am Mongolian time] we were joined by a couple who had tickets stay in in the Tsar’s Retreat. That’s right, I now no longer have my room to myself. Boo.

The good news is, the couple seem quite cool. One Brit and his American wife. One night of sharing the cabin left ahead and then we reach Mongolia. Well, that’s not strictly true.

We’ll be arriving at Ulanbataar at some point tomorrow. We actually cross the border into Mongolia in a couple of hours. [Hilarious] Russian ticket inspectors are aboard now: two women, late 40s, wearing knee high leather boots, full make-up, bright pink liptstick and a light blue, figure-hugging uniform reminiscent of the flight attendants from the 70s. Possibly the best thing I’ve seen on the whole trip to date.

You wouldn’t believe it. I’d snap a photo if I could but I daren’t. I fear I would be taken outside and shot or worse, taken back and used as a Russian sex slave forced to do their every deed at the crack of a singular, jet-black whip.

I’m clearly still quite drunk.

And still, we’re on a train.

It’s snowing in Moscow

Rainy nights in Moscow

Moleskine entry: April 11th, 2011

It’s 9pm local time, I’m staying at the Godzilla Hostel which, while not being shaped like a 240ft tall old school feature creature, is certainly covered from head to toe with numerous bits of Godzilla-themed paraphernalia.


I’m staying with a group of four others: having arrived late to find four of the six beds in the shared room already taken one can assume the number but, hopefully [aside from being the spare wheel], plus the Honcho* we should be a good healthy six-some.

We shall see.


The others are all out at the moment, I’ve only just settled. I guess I could go out and find them..
Actually, think I will.

*The word ‘Honcho’, is the name given to the local guide that we’ve been given in each city.
Basically, they rock.


Moscow 0.1

En route from Moscow Intl.

Moleskine entry: April 11th, 2011

There’s a larger entry to come later today I’m sure but, it’s 19:50 local time, I’ve been in this taxi for nearly an hour and if the Godzilla Hostel doesn’t actually look like the Japanese legend of old, I am going to be thoroughly, thoroughly disappointed.

That is all.