Catching up

Cor blimey!

Its been so hectic since I got home – work is mental and anyone who’s anyone is trying to catch me for some catch up drinking and suchlike!

Oh gawd!

So today is Wednesday – I’ve gotta work my socks off up until Friday then the weekend will be here.. dunno what I’ll do with it mind – check my bank balance today – OUCH. A fair amount of stuff from Thailand hit today.

Damn. Basically.

So sod it – I’m gonna have to knuckle down and get the overtime in so I can afford to LIVE next month – Jeez.. Plus Im gonna need a spare bit of spendin money if I’m gonna have any chance of a decent summer..

I am actually considering a second job..

Yeah. I know!

Shockin huh? I gotta do something..

Hmm – maybe escorting?! Hahahahaahahahahahaha…

So yeah – been invited out in Staines tonight with Martin and Ash, tomorrow night I’m seeing my friend Nats, Friday… well Friday is Friday. Saturday I was gonna go back to Canvey and see family and friends.. but now I’ve been invited to a party in Brixton that I REALLY wanna go to.. oh its a tough life.. Maybe I could goto Canvey Friday night and then come home Saturday and go to the party then.. now THAT is an idea.. :o)

Anyway – im rambling..

I need to go to work. Its 720 and my train is in 15mins.

Laters all.