Review: About Time

Just gorgeous.

About Time

About Time is an adorable Richard Curtis film that I didn’t know or realise was a Richard Curtis film until the credits rolled.

Although I do remember thinking throughout the film, ‘Oh, that’s a bit like that Richard Curtis film’ and ‘The writing is really good and it totally reminds me of the kind of stuff that Richard Curtis does’. So yay for me, I can spot good writing. But more on that shortly…

It should be worth mentioning at this point that, if you choose to go and see this film (and by the end of this review you should be in no doubt 0n what my opinion is on that), I whole-heartedly recommend you go and see it with your partner OR your father. Seeing About Time with one of those two people will not only help you get the best out of this film, but also re-affirm the relationship with said person you decided to have sat next to you.

In short: About Time deals with love, life, and everything that goes along with both. It is beautiful and it is nice – and it is traditional Richard Curtis. Not soppy like Love Actually and not over-played like The Boat that Rocked. This is back-to-basics Curtis – and About Time is a better film because of it.

The writing is amazing. Demonstrated, in the main, by the outstandingly good banter between the two leads which leaves you with no doubt that they are very much in love and indeed, meant to be. London looks pretty darn good too and, as an extra bonus (for me at least), it’s shot in and around north and central. Which is pretty much where I live and socialise – (an extended scene in Maida Vale station, which I pass through pretty much every day, particularly made me smile).

I could wax on about great Bill Nighy is, or even make a big deal about the wonderfully simple sci-fi central conceit (watch the trailer below, you’ll see) but none of it would do it justice. About Time is a brilliantly put together romantic comedy and if you’re thinking about wanting to see something lovely at the cinema this week, then you could do a lot worse then spend time with Richard Curtis’ latest contribution.

I laughed out loud, I gasped, and I cried.

You will too.

PS. I’ve stuck the trailer at the bottom because I said I would, but it really doesn’t sell the film that well – in my opinion at least. So don’t judge it on that alone.