5 things on Friday #9

Here are five things (that are on time for once) from this past week that are all totally worth sharing with you, dear reader. Oh, and to top it off, I’m trying something different this week. Instead of just linking to stuff, I’m going to embed things wherever possible.

Do let me know what you think, won’t you?
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Shall we?

1. Reeder
My favourite information tool is by far and away Google Reader. It’s an RSS reader, by Google. Fairly simple, fairly good (it used to be awesome, but that’s another story). However there’s no official Google Reader (or ‘GReader’) app for the iPad, which – as some of you already know – is my favourite reading implement. This week though, thanks to the wonder of the interwebz – I discovered Reeder.

It’s pretty definitive, you can read your feeds offline and well, I’ve been using it daily ever since I bought it. If you use Google Reader and own an iPad, get Reeder. Now.
[iTunes link].

2. Amazing Cake
My girlfriend likes to bake. This is great news for my lips, but bad news for my hips. But who cares, you only live once and well, when it’s the GF’s best mate’s birthday and you’re asked to lend a hand in making THE BEST CAKE YOU’VE EVER MADE, you can’t really say no.

3. Little Bay
Keeping with said birthday celebrations for a further moment, we went in search of a restaurant last weekend that would cater our large group’s numbers as well as its eating habits. Through a spot of googling, tweeting and general recommending we ended up at Little Bay. It was GORGEOUS. And, if you ever find yourself looking for somewhere to eat ’round Kilburn way, I’d recommend it, 100%.

Good food, DAMN good prices and just a lovely atmosphere to boot. Go.

4. Mobile Stuff
Two mobile things of note this week. First up, the Nokia 808 Pureview. A phone that packs a 41MP camera. Yes, that’s right – this is not a typo – a FORTY ONE MEGAPIXEL CAMERA. The images are amazing. This is pre-release software and well, just like when they made global turn-by-turn navigation free for the world over, Nokia just flexed its muscles again. And I do love it when that happens.

The second mobile thing that happened was the meeting of a crack group of mobile geeks in central London to celebrate NOT being at Mobile World Congress. It was fun. I barely made it on time (read: I was late) after spending the day in Paris at a meeting but still, we had quite a giggle. I’m sure there’ll be video soon too… [update: great write up from Kip]

5. TED 2023
A little while ago I blogged about how frickin’ awesome PROMETHEUS looked and how much it was definitely tied to the ALIEN universe. Well this week, the first piece of online marketing dropped, in the shape of a TED talk from 2023. If you’re unfamiliar with TED please go, right now, and educate yourself immediately. Guy Pearce features as one Peter Weyland whom, if you know your ALIEN mythology, is related to the Weyland corporation that is depicted in said world.

I like this, a lot. Well done.

Bonuses: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – not a film I would normally see but surprisingly likeable and quite enjoyable; some awesomely sweet and slightly disturbing art; and this GORGEOUS picture that I gleaned from 365 things that make me happy.

Chris and I used to work at SpinVox. I follow his blog because I like his attitude to the world. You should too.

Original Moleskine entry



The trailer is here

And, even though Mr Ridley Scott would have you believe otherwise, the connections to the Alien franchise are strong with this one.

Exhibit A:

This ship, the ship the crew of the Nostromo board at the beginning of Alien in response to the distress / warning call.

Which, surprisingly enough, looks remarkably like this one, exploding and falling out of the sky in the trailer for Prometheus.


Similar right? Shape, structure etc… it’s all there.

OK, so some spaceships look like other spaceships. True. However, any fan of the original Alien film will recognise the following image, aka – Exhibit B:

This chap is actually nameless in the film, however he has somehow earned the name of ‘The Space Jockey‘. Look what he’s sitting on and just look what this is, coming out of the ground in the Prometheus trailer.


This film is set on the ship that the crew of the Nostromo discover. That much is plain to see. Ridley Scott has said that there will be no Aliens, however there will be space jockeys. In Greek mythology, Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gifted it to man. The film’s official synopsis talks about man’s search for its very beginnings.

One wonders if these ‘space jockeys’ are pitched as our creators [as well as those of the Xenopmorph] and this is what happens when we meet ‘God’ face to face.

Who knows, we only have to wait until summer 2012 to find out and it’s about time Ridley Scott came back to the sci-fi genre.

Bring it.


EDIT: Spoiler-free review available to read now.