Review: LOOPER

No spoilers…


These days it’s nigh-on impossible to go to the cinema without at least some awareness of what it is you’re about to sit down and experience. When it came to LOOPER, I did my utmost to achieve that.

It wasn’t easy.

After reading the first synopsis and then seeing the first trailer, I decided: no more. And OPERATION: AVOID ALL INFORMATION ABOUT LOOPER was in full effect.

So if, like me, you’re out to keep as much detail about this film out of and away from your film-going psyche before going to see it*, then this simplistic review is just for you.

Ready? Here we go –

What LOOPER is:

– A brilliant vision of the future
– A masterclass in character study and story-telling
– A modern classic that’ll be studied and revered for years to come

What LOOPER isn’t:

– The film you’re expecting
– An easy watch
– Predictable


To say anymore would be to ruin it beyond all recognition. Even if I told you what films it echoed, for me at least, I think that would take something away from it too.

Book your tickets.

See this film.


Big love to Stella Artois and Little White Lies for organising last night’s preview



Glasto – Aerial Shot

So here’s a photo of that poster that I mentioned previously.

It really does demonstrate the enormity of the festival.. I mean.. Truly HUGE!
I still can’t believe it.

The pink sticky on the right? My tent.
That area at the top left underneath the photo of the yellow flags? The Stone Circle.

God knows how far that is – but I must’ve walked it at least twice a day every day.. Not including walking between stages, getting food & drink, nipping up to camp every now and then..

Just.. Massive!

Oh.. And that diamond shape in the middle?
That’ll be the Pyramid Stage.

Poster courtesy of the Q Glastonbury Review magazine.