A Quick Poem

People laughing and smiling and camping on my hill.
Glastonbury oh Glastonbury oh how we love you still.
Meeting my friends, some old and some new,
Glastonbury oh Glastonbury where would I be without you.

The music’s not started, yet the line up is here.
Glastonbury oh Glastonbury don’t ever disappear.
Its muddy. Its raining. Its slippery wherever I tread.
Glastonbury oh Glastonbury your music’s in my head.

The excitement is building, tomorrow it all kicks off.
Glastonbury oh Glastonbury you are the light to my moth.

Forgive me Father…

03:04 – Forgive me Father…
Current mood: Shattered

…I have sinned.

“My candle’s burning at both ends
It will not last the night.
But Oh my foes, and Ah my friends
It sheds a lovely light.”

It has been over a week since my last blog.
I promised myself I wouldn’t leave it this long again.

I’ll try and update tonight.

Been working and playing far too hard for my own good.
But more to come on that… Later*.

In the meantime…
To make you smile.

Here’s a donkey.
In a boat.

*maybe tonight… but it could well be tomorrow.

I’m shattered.