Forgive me Father…

03:04 – Forgive me Father…
Current mood: Shattered

…I have sinned.

“My candle’s burning at both ends
It will not last the night.
But Oh my foes, and Ah my friends
It sheds a lovely light.”

It has been over a week since my last blog.
I promised myself I wouldn’t leave it this long again.

I’ll try and update tonight.

Been working and playing far too hard for my own good.
But more to come on that… Later*.

In the meantime…
To make you smile.

Here’s a donkey.
In a boat.

*maybe tonight… but it could well be tomorrow.

I’m shattered.

So Tired

So I’ve just spent the best part of two hours catching up on emails and stuff..

I’m knackered – had an interview at my agency today – that went well

Refresh Mobile tomorrow..

We’ll see how it goes..


Just here to post some pics really..

Hopefully they wont be TOO big..

This is Bophut – where I spent my last night in Koh Samui..

Here’s me and a Ladyboy..

Yes. That is a Man.

So’s the one on the left.

Yeah – thats all I can be arsed to post..

I’m shattered..


More to come sooon..

Oh.. ok – one more..

Me. In a small room. At work.