1000heads: About those resolutions

We’re approx. five days into the New Year and already we’re seeing updates to those cursed and dreaded NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS.

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Historically (and personally) I’ve never been a massive fan of the resolution, having spent most of my adult life working under the impression that if you want to make a change to your life then you should just be able to do it on any day and not wait for some arbitrary, Calabrian doctor-chosen numbered day… but that’s just me.

This year, I decided to change that and, in doing so, thought I’d also take a quick straw poll from the fellow ‘heads in the room —

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While there’s obviously an expected lean towards generally being more healthy and sporty (the much-missed 1000heads Tuesday night football game may make a return in the near future), there’s also a larger, more over-arching theme of learning and bettering oneself. It seems we have a fair few dancers in our midst, as well as a closet group of potential novelists.

That’s us sorted, what about you? We know how many of you read this blog every day, why not make today the day you leave a comment?

Tell us one New Year’s Resolution you’ve made (that you have every intention of keeping, obviously) and we’ll pull together a community-based chart like the above towards the end of the week.


When are we again?

We’re fresh out of the Noughties (or not, as the case may be), and – as is our wont as humans desperately in search of figuring out the names of things – we were wondering this morning what nomenclature we should be applying to the decade ahead (that is if you believe that a new decade started this year, not last).

So far suggestions are as follows:

The Tenties – via @Pockless, @chrisbell and @kiphakes – (currently in the lead)

Miss @Lorna_Wall suggests that The Tweenies might be a suitable name (although these guys may have a problem with that)

Elevensies‘ – via the the rather comedic ex’head, @_EISwann

Mark Errett suggests that while ‘Tennies‘ might be a good name, he’s fairly sure that the people of 1910 never had this problem (he could be right).

The Lost Decade‘ is an interesting entry from one Mr Alan Hind, although we’d like to see some more reasoning behind this choice – i.e.: where will it be lost? Is there an island? Etc.

Finally, a late entry from one Benjamin Crime; THE FUTURE!

New Years (and new decades) always seem to get us talking; tomorrow? Resolutions.

Until then:


New York, New York

Freeway NYC

Moleskine entry: September 18th, 2009

Six hours ago I was landing at London Gatwick, fresh from the Lucozade Challenge of Yacht Racing around the Caribbean. Now, as I write, I’m on a flight back out to New York (from London Heathrow mind, that was interesting) with my darling girlfriend and I am happy. Tired. Exhausted. Travel weary. But ultimately, for the first time in such a long time, truly happy.

You might scoff if I were to tell you “it’s been a long, hard summer” given the adventures I’ve been on, the places I’ve seen and the things that I’ve done but really, as much as all that that has been awesome, it’s the bits inbetween that have been hardest.

Being away from home every other week for just shy of ten weeks creates a strange instability around things. Plans are harder to make, promises harder to keep. A constant state flux one might say.

Not counting the stress and strains that places on any kind of loving relationship, there was the whole work mess to deal with too. Halfway through the challenges, all that additional…. worry was not helping the situation at all. The time I was actually at home, I was spending the whole time working. Leaving me tired. So so tired.

Rest soon. And sleep. Sleep, beckoning so sweetly.