My mate, Marmite

How do you feel about Marmite?

Me, I love it. In fact I could eat it with a SPOON.
Obviously, some people hate it. I mean REALLY hate it.

But what if, just imagine, you’d gone through your whole life without ever trying it. Ever.

Well, one morning, out in the middle of Damaraland, that’s exactly what we discovered Manzoor had done.

Something which, of course, we had to rectify…

It wouldn’t be a NaVloPoMo post without tipping you off about someone else’s efforts…
So why not go give one of Benny Crime’s videos a whirl.

You’ll never feel the same again…


Happy Birthday Dad

That little guy on the left, is my brother Stephen and that bigger guy on the right is my Dad. They both live in Gibraltar and I really don’t get to see them much. Last week, my Dad was over here, in London and – through various circumstances – I didn’t make time to see him.

I know he checks on me here from time to time, so hopefully he’ll see this today:

November 3rd 2009: My Dad’s Birthday.

Dad, this one’s for you.

Happy Birthday, x.

From me, and all the guys from my new office 🙂

Windsocks and toilets

“Houston. We have a problem.”

It would seem that the 30-day video marathon that is NaVloPoMo has arrived slap, bang in the middle of the first decent writing stride I’ve had in donkeys.

This is largely in part thanks to the wealth of written content I have hidden away in my new best friend and travelling partner, my moleskine.

Alas, as video cannot be held inside its tender pages, the ‘tales from my moleskine‘ series may have to take a back seat for the time being.

We’ll pick it back up again in December. Promise.

If you’ve missed it all so far and fancy a dive, by all means, just click on the word moleskine and you’ll be magically transported. However, if instead you’d rather stick around and see what ocular treats I have lined up for you today, then please, make yourself comfy… We’re off to Africa.

The date is July 8th, we – the first batch of Lucozade Winners and I – had left Damaraland that morning and boarded our own private Cessna to fly up to a place called Haartmann Valley. From there on in, it’ll be a three hour drive to our next camp. Eesh.

It’s pretty remote, but we’re told it’s paradise.

This short video, put together soon after we arrived, hopefully gives you some kind of insight at just how remote ‘remote’ is when you’re in Africa.

Hat tip to @reyes who duly pointed out the base for this month’s shenanigans.

Some jumbled letters here

Inspired by Mike and Rupert.

I think, this year, I’m going to attempt National Vlog Post Month – aka – ‘NaVloPoMo’.


Don’t go! Don’t run away! Stay here, please..?
Just for a minute.

Let me explain.

I’ve seen those jumbled letters before you see, they make me shiver and panic. “Too much!” my brain screams, “Far too much!”.

Thing is, NaVloPoMo defines that every day for the month of November, I need to post a new video blog. This sounds relatively simple enough, right? Well no, it’s not actually. But – logistic technicalities aside – when it comes to my own blog, I try to stagger my output as much as possible. One post every week to ten days or so here on my happy place means that, in my mind anyway, people might be more inclined to read it.

This might sound silly to you, but if I suddenly started throwing out seven posts a day, you’d stop coming back.

The point is, time is precious. And I’m aware of how much time it takes to read a single blog post, let alone consume any video. So if you just go away for a month and decide to come back in December, when this is all done… then I understand.

If you’re happy to stick around and put up with my videos, then awesome.

Here’s one to start you off:

(see you back here tomorrow)