Nokia N91 8GB Comparison Shots

Right then!
Obviously I’m going to have this lovely little phone for a little while… and obviously this phone is predominantly a music phone, (not a multimedia phone), so it wouldn’t really be fair to compare it to my Nokia N95… would it?
Oh I don’t know..
We’ll see…

First I think I’ll just do some size shots..

I must admit – it is a bit bigger than the current range of Nokias on the market.. but more than that is the sheer weight of the thing.. it’s just so damn heavy!
When I had the N93i I mainly demonstrated the uses of the camera but as I’ve already mentioned – that’s not what the N91 8GB is for…
So really I should make this sort of comparison… No?

You tell me…


Thank You WOM! (again)

Not two days after I returned my rather swish and swanky Nokia N93i to WOM World they turned round and sent me another corker of a handset to have a play with.

What was it this time?!

A brand-spanking new (it still had the little stickers on the screen/camera) Nokia N91 8GB.

Not only that – but it was the nice black version too 🙂

The silver variant (which I believe is only 4GB) is not really my thing – it’s amazing how much of a difference such a minor cosmetic change can have on a product.

Comparison shots coming soon…