Five things on Friday #39

Things of note for the week ending September 28th

1. Tree Music
This is quite beautiful, and just in time for autumn too. Just below a giant chestnut tree in Berlin’s Montbijoupark, these green polymer membranes have been set out to create music whenever a chestnut falls on them.


The meaning behind this work is worth looking into… so’s the video (at the same link).

2. You’re Doing it Wrong
I lost about half an hour reading this page on metafilter last weekend. It’s amazing – and you’ll lose time too.

Trust me, you’ve been doing it wrong.

3. Ella Henderson
This, from last weekend’s X-Factor, is breathtaking.

It’s my blog, I’ll do what I want –
I mean, it could’ve been worse, I could’ve blogged about this.

4. New MySpace
It’s coming and it looks a bit gorge –

5. Resident Evil 6 Review of win
This is quite possibly one of the best video game reviews I’ve ever seen.

A fairly video heavy episode this week, but hey – who cares?

I’m out…



Day one of my Pre-Cleanse

Hey, how you doing?

I’m flying to Koh Samui, Thailand in two weeks time for a seven day ‘Clean-Me-Out’ detox sesh…

See here: The Spa Samui

16th – 28th of May I’ll be there and today is day one of my two week ‘Pre-Cleanse’, which they advise you do before you arrive at the Spa. The first part of this involves something known as a ‘Liver Flush Drink’

Nice huh? …Jeez – man this is gonna be HARD.